Haiti Earthquake: Leogane Fights for Survival

The people of Leogane say they've been forgotten as Port-au-Prince receives aid.
2:13 | 01/03/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Haiti Earthquake: Leogane Fights for Survival
The destruction here in port of prince is beyond belief but there are actually places outside of the city. Where the damage and destruction is worse ABC's Kate Snow went to one such city tonight a place that has been flattened. And where people say they have been forgotten. Heading west along the coast past the sugar cane fields with -- -- the town of -- gun. Lieutenant -- what these stores work. As we -- into downtown the destruction is astounding -- -- seven 80% of the buildings and homes just gone. An old hardware store on the corner. A pharmacy that used to be two stories tall. A distillery where they made the local rom and schools on the blackboard here a date frozen in time -- -- Tuesday yes. And be put. And phone soon. An 81 year old man flags -- down. They're hungry enough of them went nowhere and I studied. In tightening may now be on you bring that led to -- to part of friends that I come here with the the Ford has nothing no one has come here. I think the son Gordon behind glued to TV -- -- obviously -- -- one of the few buildings still standing at the hospital ironically. It closed two years ago when they ran out of money. And so what they're left with is this the campus of a nursing college turned refugee camp what do you need most right now -- A lot of water. -- against -- initially came through week. And the fourth a small medical team from Doctors Without Borders found their way here. But Michelle's hair from Montana. Hadn't seen any outsiders until today they don't have water no way to X ray little Carlos -- -- to see if it's broken the recovery room is outside. Michelle just wants America to know what's really happening here. Do anything you can't. Beautiful people and if there's ever been any controversy about whether the people in Haiti -- -- erase it. They are so -- they are -- and they -- beautiful beautiful Kate Snow ABC news they have done Heaton.

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{"id":18124726,"title":"Haiti Earthquake: Leogane Fights for Survival","duration":"2:13","description":"The people of Leogane say they've been forgotten as Port-au-Prince receives aid.","url":"/WNT/video/haiti-earthquake-leogane-fights-survival-18124726","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}