New Hampshire Debate: Countdown to Primary

Can anyone stop Mitt Romney, the current front-runner?
3:12 | 01/08/12

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Transcript for New Hampshire Debate: Countdown to Primary
The clock is ticking the final countdown to Tuesday's pivotal primary. And tonight the front -- Mitt Romney fight his own words under the microscope after telling voters here today he knows what it's like to worry about getting fired. It comes after -- emerge from two back to back debates having handled the incoming fire. Tonight the big picture here is there anything his opponents can do to stop Mitt Romney's momentum at this point who won who lost in last night's big ABC news debate. And then the next debate right after this morning our team with a score card -- the turning points. And what about the president what is the Obama team strategy armed would that key new number the president hopes will turn the tide. We got it all here tonight and we're going to Begin with ABC's Jake Tapper -- live and -- -- New Hampshire tonight -- good evening. Good evening David from -- -- -- high school it is a packed crowd here for former governor Mitt Romney one of the biggest crowds. We've seen so far in New Hampshire there's an overflow in the other room governor Romney of course enjoying a more than twenty point lead. In polls here in New Hampshire and his rivals are only now just. Beginning to attack. Rochester, New Hampshire this afternoon Mitt Romney worked on his empathy during these troubled economic times. This system -- and you get fired. A couple of -- wondered whether. -- and -- that it was an unusual claim for Romney the son of a millionaire who himself as a network of around 200 million dollars. At a debate this morning Romney were called advice from his father. A clumsily phrased dig -- career politicians that sounded like he was implying no one but wealthy people should ever run for office has -- never get involved in politics. If you have to. Win election to pay -- mortgage Romney's rivals are only now beginning to draw sharp differences with the front runner on last night at the ABC news debate. And governor used the -- earlier that that I shrink from in and it's one that I don't think we should be using it as Republicans middle class. Are no classes in America. Your country that don't allow for titles we don't put people in classes and this morning at the forum sponsored by FaceBook and NBC -- -- -- to -- stand before the people Massachusetts and run on your record. There was that great. What and you wanted to bail out I want to Massachusetts to make a difference I didn't go that it Begin a political career running time and time again but only drop a little -- of the -- Maloney. The fact is you had a very bad reelection rating. With Romney so favored to win here in New Hampshire they're focused on the next primary. South Carolina on January 21. -- sleep from Mitt Romney after that. That's where Rick Santorum and Rick Perry campaign today and where Gingrich is clearly focused. I think we have clearly begun to set the stage for South Carolina. -- included -- begun to describe the gap between. A Massachusetts moderate and Reagan conservative. We asked the Romney campaign for an -- -- -- when governor Romney. Was in fact worried that he would receive a pink -- we are still waiting for that response and David was it also mentioned. That's congressman. -- will probably come in second here Ron Paul. He had a strong showing at the debate was attacked and he told people tonight of course he was attacked the higher you get in the polls the more you get attacked.

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{"id":15318194,"title":"New Hampshire Debate: Countdown to Primary","duration":"3:12","description":"Can anyone stop Mitt Romney, the current front-runner?","url":"/WNT/video/hampshire-gop-republican-primary-romney-president-politics-us-15318194","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}