New Hampshire Primary Results: Ron Paul 2nd

Ron Paul finishes 2nd, Jon Huntsman finishes 3rd after winner, Mitt Romney.
3:06 | 01/10/12

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Transcript for New Hampshire Primary Results: Ron Paul 2nd
Well everybody's been looking at former senator -- Rick Santorum to see if he's able to turn. His Iowa magic into something here in New Hampshire but it has proved to be a tougher sell he's raised about three million dollars since that strong showing in Iowa but they -- it too late to really have any sort of TV presence on air here today he signaled that he thinks. It's crazy for pundits to say that if Mitt Romney. Wins Iowa New Hampshire and South Carolina that he will be the nominee Rick Santorum signaling that he is in it. For the long haul he hopes to emerge as a conservative alternative. That's -- Romney is only starting recently to draw the sharp contrasts we will expect to see. More of that in South Carolina where they like their politics a little tougher as for his goals for this evening Diane Santorum. Is signaling that he would like to come in no lower than fourth place today he said that he feels like he's on an episode of survivor just keep me on the island he said and I'll be fine and I am. No one gets the immunity -- and tanks have much -- I want to bring it. Good Morning America co anchor anchor this week George Stephanopoulos and you and I been going over these early exit polls. What interest to do what we know that Republican voters -- you really care about one big thing who can -- President Obama in the fall New Hampshire voters no exception. Strong group of them think that's the most important thing going on and look at this. This regardless we asked the voters regardless -- in a -- today. Who do you think is most likely -- -- he Barack Obama huge strength. Mitt Romney 55%. From Enron the closest in seconds Ron Paul -- 14%. The rest falling behind -- -- this is a big big strength. A Mitt Romney's coming -- today here's something they really interest in -- the number of independents turning up half of these voters. Our independent voters what does that mean that is 10% more probably -- he came -- in the Republican primary last time this is a key question for November. Diane remember New Hampshire is an important swing state. The question -- are these independent voters gonna stick with a Republican nominee in November -- they gonna move over the democratic side. And we'll be able to see what the late -- writers have done because this last 2448. Hours of -- pretty compulsive -- -- well that's exactly right and we know that Mitt Romney had a big lead in the polls before. December November generally -- But about half of the voters have made up their mind. In the last three days and that both seems to be splintering. Okay George you know I would we're talking -- the simplicity of that the ballot in Iowa which is basically write your name in here right your vote. I wish everybody a ballot in New Hampshire. Look at the number of people on this ballot and how you have to search to find your candidate. And a lot of those candidates have the weekend in New Hampshire the thing is that billions pretty easy to get on the ballot -- -- in New Hampshire but those candidates and split less than 1%. Okay we'll Georgia and I will be with the entire political team throughout the night. Standing by at your voice your vote headquarters. Live for the night at the results come in from New Hampshire more later.

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{"id":15335151,"title":"New Hampshire Primary Results: Ron Paul 2nd","duration":"3:06","description":"Ron Paul finishes 2nd, Jon Huntsman finishes 3rd after winner, Mitt Romney.","url":"/WNT/video/hampshire-primary-results-ron-paul-2nd-15335151","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}