Hillary Clinton Takes on Critics

Former Secretary of State discusses Benghazi, missing Nigerian school girls and the latest on 2016 Presidential Run.
2:40 | 05/07/14

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Transcript for Hillary Clinton Takes on Critics
-- to an ABC news exclusive former secretary of state Hillary Clinton sitting down with our own Robin Roberts. And weighing in on the missing school girls and Africa talking tough about Ben Ghazi and -- about a presidential run a 2016. ABC's chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl brings us what the former secretary said and what's coming next. This was -- Hillary Clinton crowd. Talks centering on women and girls around the world breaking glass ceilings Robin Roberts turned the discussion to the highest glass ceiling the ball. When I look at that your your Twitter page you. The last thing you lift -- saying you're a glass ceiling cracker -- and no one. Feels it would be better to crack -- glass ceiling fans to have -- A woman this look -- And many -- without. Well I've and I think we should crack and also and I am -- -- -- 100% in favor of that. But I I have nothing further to say about. And we try bright spot. Does Hillary Clinton steps closer to another presidential -- Republicans preparing to launch a special congressional committee to investigate the attack on the US consulate in Ben Ghazi Libya. While she was secretary of state. Mrs. Clinton told Robin she sees no reason for another investigation. Because -- already been several investigations. And -- the new investigation are you satisfied with the answers and Ari are you content with what you know. What happen absolutely I mean of course there are a lot of reasons why despite all of the hearings all of the information that's been provided. Some choose not to be satisfied and choose to continue to move forward but they get to call the shots in the congress. She also weighed in on the kidnapping of the school -- in Nigeria the seizure is abominable it's criminal. It's an act of terrorism. And it really merits. The fullest response possible first and foremost from a government of Nigeria. Mrs. Clinton also had tough words for the government of Nigeria saying it is being derelict in protecting girls and boys generally. And in this case has not accepted enough help from the United States that is tougher talk Diane toward the Nigerian government -- we have heard from President Obama. Jonathan Karl weighing in from Washington tonight thank you John and Robin we'll have much more of her interview with Hillary Clinton tomorrow first thing. -- Good Morning America.

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{"id":23631522,"title":"Hillary Clinton Takes on Critics","duration":"2:40","description":"Former Secretary of State discusses Benghazi, missing Nigerian school girls and the latest on 2016 Presidential Run.","url":"/WNT/video/hillary-clinton-takes-critics-abc-news-exclusive-23631522","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}