Historic Pieces of America for Sale at Auction

Extraordinary prices expected for irreplaceable pieces.
1:48 | 01/21/12

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Transcript for Historic Pieces of America for Sale at Auction
We all know it's hard to put a price on history but this evening there are three pieces of Americana up for sale beginning with the arsenal left behind -- that famous -- Bonnie and -- Now I'm just say it is you know I'm good her. They are the storied outlaws from the 1930s. Bonnie and Clyde brought back to life and Warren Beatty and Faye -- in 1967 movie. Famous for their quick thinking and their arsenal. These -- the guns seized from the couple's Joplin Missouri hideout in 1933. For years owned by the great grandchildren of a police detective who got that -- that -- The past forty years in historical obscurity stored at a Springfield police museum. Announced for more than 200000 dollars a heavy price tag. But a priceless story with them Bonnie and Clyde dying in that shootout with police and we CNN 1934. Leaving their car behind for good. For the president of the united -- Headline. But there is another car backing for the commerce tonight the iconic white hearse that carried the body of president John F. Kennedy and the grieving First Lady. From Parkland memorial hospital -- that painful trip to Dallas love field and Air Force One. That -- has now been put up for auction built -- -- Ohio the 1964 Cadillac now sits empty -- front seat looking nearly untouched. 47000 miles on its engine and there was three miles watched by the nation. And the final piece of Americana. Carrying the highest price tag that was breathtaking birds the nineteenth century masterpiece the birds of America by Don James Audubon. Selling for eight million dollars the four volume set more than three feet high. And as spectacular birds inside the Columbia -- The Carolina parent. The common American swan. Now -- flight again. And becoming one of the most valuable books the world.

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{"id":15412281,"title":"Historic Pieces of America for Sale at Auction","duration":"1:48","description":"Extraordinary prices expected for irreplaceable pieces. ","url":"/WNT/video/historic-pieces-america-sale-auction-auction-irreplaceable-treasure-high-prices-us-15412281","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}