Houston Flooding and Tornadoes

Texas experiences sudden downpour and reports of tornadoes.
1:34 | 01/09/12

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Transcript for Houston Flooding and Tornadoes
Tonight one American city is under water last year was the single driest year on record in Texas but today Houston got moral -- in a matter of hours than it usually gets an a month. And tonight this is the scene there highways turned into rivers by the sudden downpour. And reports of tornadoes as well here's ABC's -- analysts. Hundreds of motorists were stranded during this morning's commute in Houston portions of the city's heavily traveled -- shut down. This woman gave both bomber. I cannot all the roads -- flooded. -- -- Over there but it's insane -- never get this much flooding at one point the rain was coming down and an astounding two to three inches an hour. The city's drainage system was no match -- -- what the water did to this manhole cover. The owner of an animal rescue ranch furiously move dozens of dogs and horses to higher ground so they wouldn't drown. There are good. Six dogs I hear five horses to horses. -- in flood zone right now. With the rain came the winds ripping roofs off houses and causing power outages -- more than 40000 homes and businesses. At this elementary school parents and firefighters had to give children -- lift just to get them out of school. After the driest year on record quality of Texans were praying for rain. Today this thirsty state got too much of a good thing. Brian Owens ABC news Dallas.

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{"id":15325822,"title":"Houston Flooding and Tornadoes","duration":"1:34","description":"Texas experiences sudden downpour and reports of tornadoes.","url":"/WNT/video/houston-flooding-tornadoes-15325822","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}