Hunger at Home: America Gives Back

Americans have donated enough to get 1.6 million people the food they need.
2:49 | 11/24/11

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Transcript for Hunger at Home: America Gives Back
We have been reporting here on world news on the numbers so many families in need. But this Thanksgiving what you've done. It was this past summer here on world news we -- to -- -- sisters who pray before every meal. The parents -- working and yet there are times when they still don't know where the next meal will come from. That was ten year old Jazeera from Philadelphia. Ten years -- showed us the family refrigerator. -- -- and pastor Bob -- Arkansas who runs a food drive once a month calling it miracle Saturday. I pray for all these people. -- in line today. The -- of families so long. He was unsure he'd be able to keep helping everyone in need one in seven Americans now rely on food stamps one in four children. In families unsure where the next meal is coming from. To this Thanksgiving we would -- to check on all of them pastor Bob who was down -- was last 250 dollars to help the hungry. Says after that report -- 23000. Dollars in donations he bought five more freezers. In this came from all of the United States even have one person to send a dollar but I thank god for that no -- This month he helped feed 4000 people bringing them Thanksgiving. -- a mother of four. Without an I don't know if -- make it. We also went back to -- Timmons an Arkansas those little girls praying. It was back then their mother told us this. I -- my kids asked me mommy what's for dinner. Current -- arm back and forth and myself -- you guys write is for dinner. We'll -- dad is still looking for job of mob discoveries. Still struggling but they no longer ask that question is how -- He's now and he. Forget -- back. It will have a Thanksgiving meal edges here in Philadelphia. It turns out -- family was watching world news when he told me this. When you grow up. I want to -- -- senate. To fight hunger he told us and pretty family Philadelphia hurt him. She's year it was just unbelievable. He's the least 81 to become senator. When they buy groceries they -- little extra and take it to Jazeera his mother. He is -- House. -- And it's. And this week we learned they brought them at Thanksgiving meal. I felt for -- -- -- Across this country Americans in large ways and small reaching out with a hand again. Thanksgiving meal. Of that at ninety pound Turkey and since we first and reporting and hunger at home across ABC news. You've donated enough money to help one point six million Americans get the meals they -- if you'd like to help this holiday. You still can Slash --

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{"id":15025385,"title":"Hunger at Home: America Gives Back","duration":"2:49","description":"Americans have donated enough to get 1.6 million people the food they need.","url":"/WNT/video/hunger-home-america-back-15025385","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}