Hurricane Isaac's Aftermath

President Obama arrives in New Orleans as families return home facing major devastation.
3:00 | 09/03/12

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Transcript for Hurricane Isaac's Aftermath
It is the beginning for families just now seeing what's left of their homes after hurricane Isaac. The system that affected a huge part of this country in -- just to look tonight at the scope less than a week ago stormed ashore in the -- -- making its way slowly after the nation's midsection before turning eastward. We're believe it or not it is still turning tonight tornadoes and now punishing rains where -- will hit in the morning in just a moment here. But first images of the president. Just arriving in Louisiana where some families are tonight returning to their homes 2800 people still living in shelters. And this home -- -- -- -- one of the thousands still under water more than 100000 people without power the National Guard handing out water tonight. At ABC's -- no -- in Louisiana again tonight. Comment -- -- get -- get washed away recommends Paris was the first place eyes ticket this state topping levees and swallowing neighborhoods. It is the last place people finally got to see what this hurricane. Did to their lives -- -- remote road through Trevor August Barth all of me it was one of thousands of police escorted into the -- today. He found his boat his only source of then come destroyed. His home. He's still needs a canoe to get there. It is stressful. And you know you got to leave some please don't you know. -- -- Police only allow these people home for a few hours just enough time -- -- clothes for their backs and toys for their kids. It's too dangerous to stay even for animals. Officers are trying to hurt these cattle to higher ground. Recovery here and across the gulf has been slowed by a lack of power. 90% of New Orleans customers now have electricity. But a 100000. Across Louisiana adult. The heat index here topped a hundred and fight this weekend with no air conditioning the misery index is a lot higher than that. -- -- -- David saint -- doesn't have power so he's holding a boat full of toys out of his -- -- neighborhood. Is daughter Emily was born premature five months ago she weighed a pound. Italy is finally ready to come home from the hospital this week but she can't until the powers back gone. She's well enough to come home and -- -- -- from hopefully this week we get power from. Where in the community of -- plus tonight where the president is meeting with some of -- six victims most of the water here has actually receded. What you see behind me is about all that's left but that can be deceiving you see those homes behind me that neighborhood. They -- all right from the outside on the inside everything is ruined which is one reason insurers say tonight. That the total bill for IE six could top two billion dollars -- you see. The Red Cross here helping people as well David the Red Cross still working hard and -- you've been there every step of the way our thanks to you again tonight. And I mentioned all -- drenching rain on the way tonight just look at how much is already fallen because of Isaac overwhelming some parts of the country the red to purple there on the map the hardest hit. And tornadoes to this one -- across Corning Arkansas no one was hurt but it was just one of the 44 reported tornadoes spawned by the remnants of lies. ABC year old Christian -- -- tracking it all and dangerous you know millions of families headed back home in children heading back to school tomorrow so where does the rain it. School where -- I remember my outfit the first day be in school a big deal mechanical watches because it is going to be that much rain flood watches in place from North Carolina all the way. To new -- of Philadelphia's included and there are some heaviest rain from New York City -- Boston. Can you imagine traffic tomorrow I think that's going to be a big impact for -- -- for the cars and the school buses -- you were telling me about the totals already staggering they are and this is including everything back to the beginning of -- I want to show you a couple of numbers. Over twenty inches for New Orleans. Up parts of Mississippi and that ten to seventeen inch range that's got to tell you even when you -- -- that ten to seventeen is strange because we were there in Gulfport. It came sell quickly and so steady and 36 hours ten to fifteen and that is a flood. Of sorts that we will not forget any Texan -- injured thanks very much.

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{"id":17145286,"title":"Hurricane Isaac's Aftermath ","duration":"3:00","description":"President Obama arrives in New Orleans as families return home facing major devastation.","url":"/WNT/video/hurricane-isaacs-aftermath-17145286","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}