Instant Index: Fast Food Restaurants Service Times Compared

Diane Sawyer reports the latest stories that have people buzzing.
1:36 | 09/30/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Instant Index: Fast Food Restaurants Service Times Compared
Here at the top of our "instant index" this monday night, how fast is your fast food? Not as fast as it used to be. McDONALD'S CLOCKED AT SLOWEST Average drive through speed in 15 years, 3 minutes 9 seconds. Wendy's was the fastest at 2 minutes 14 seconds and chick-fil-a was the slowest at 3 minutes 23 seconds. The reason it turns out 70 percent of us are using those drive through lanes and the lines are longer and so are the choices on the menu. Some breaking news. Tubas don't have rearview mirrors. Watch this marching band in texas lose just about the whole section. Nobody was hurt. It reminds us of the symbol strap that broke during the star spangled banner, the player with no idea to do, no grownup advice, his intentions kicked in and he shuts for the rest of the song. The tuba players played on. And yesterday possibly the kwirkiest competition in america, the fifth annual surf city surf dog competition in huntington beach, california. Four weight classes from under 20 pounds to more than 60. They can surf together with humans, the technique does vary but we're most interested in the ones who can surf backwards, hanging 20 as it were.

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{"id":20426452,"title":"Instant Index: Fast Food Restaurants Service Times Compared","duration":"1:36","description":"Diane Sawyer reports the latest stories that have people buzzing.","url":"/WNT/video/instant-index-fast-food-restaurants-service-times-compared-20426452","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}