iPad Effect on Toddlers

New study shows increased use of smart phones and tablets among children.
2:31 | 10/25/11

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Transcript for iPad Effect on Toddlers
So called -- I babies' little toddlers infants and -- by digital devices like Smartphones. And ipads. Numerous search out today finds that very young children are spending more time than we ever imagined. And some of the new technology so is this really good for young brains here's ABC's Cecilia Vega. This -- -- one year old patties with an iPad her hand to moving to screen but what about when she's given an old fashion magazine. Point swipe. That doesn't work she has no -- -- what to do with it she's not alone. In fact of more than half of five to eight year old have used devices like Smartphones ipads. 40% of two to four year olds. Even infants are now using apps 10% of babies under age one have had some screen time. This is the reality for -- -- generation. The genie is out and a bottle. And this generation of children is starting young turning on computers for the first time at an average age of three and a half. Just like Hannah. Nearly four years old who today showed us her favorite iPad apps and a favorite game Angry Birds. The -- And while experts say allowing kids to sit and stare at a screen is not healthy -- interactivity. Especially when parents are engaged could be helpful to developing mines. Even for a child as young as three. That three years old -- a time when the imagination is blossoming like never before. But by having. Tools to be able to draw and explore and to create things on the fly and taps into that imagination. And that is good news for Hanna. Who has no plans to hand over this iPad any time soon if you had a choice to play with the iPad insider go to the park outside. Which which issues. I can -- and from. Inside. Inside and that is where her mother says that she's stepping in to make sure -- gets outside all of the time. And that does effect what this study recommends that parents need to set clear limits and lead by example parents who were on their Smartphones all day Diane we'll have children who want to plan a -- all available to. It is a revolution. There isn't a very mixed feelings about all of this thinks it's.

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{"id":14813787,"title":"iPad Effect on Toddlers","duration":"2:31","description":"New study shows increased use of smart phones and tablets among children.","url":"/WNT/video/ipad-effect-toddlers-14813787","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}