Iraq War: Mission Finally Accomplished?

President Obama thanks the 1 million troops and support forces who served.
3:25 | 12/14/11

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Transcript for Iraq War: Mission Finally Accomplished?
Historic day for America's fighting men and women you may remember. It was eight years seven months and thirteen days ago the president George W. Bush stood beneath the banner that -- kind. Mission accomplished in Iraq. Well today his successor President Obama assured the nation that the words on that banner are finally reality. He -- the one million troops and support forces who have served in Iraq. Paying tribute as the last of the battle troops head home but there is a big question looming. Will -- achievement of Iraq unravel or we'll let stand. And we -- to ABC's Martha Raddatz has covered this war since it began -- reports from Baghdad again tonight. And. To the last American troops preparing to make the final journey out the -- -- of the more than one million. And this war. Obama said today the coming days -- isn't -- -- the most extraordinary. Chapters in military history. We know this day would come. We've noted for some time. But still there is something profound. About -- war. It has lasted so long. At this sprawling former US headquarters in Baghdad victory base it is a military ghost him now. You're talking have now taken over. This is one of the operation centers where generals would get updates battle updates on the war every day they've left behind all these screens all the -- used to display in life needs of -- And other satellite information. The -- desks just part of the 350. Million dollars worth of equipment the US is leaving behind. Too expensive to ship back home. But the Iraqis need -- -- equipment. They have no sophisticated intelligence gathering -- air force. This 700000. Strong ground that is not fully trained not fully trusted. I'm not talking because that they are leaning -- -- nervous about the future. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- For good reason sectarian violence is always simmering and threats from the out sign. Outgoing US commander general Lloyd arrested told us denied that there is more fighting to come. I think there's a new phrase here that we're Italy. And you know we can expect to see violence. In the future we know that Elkhart is going to do. What they've always -- They're gonna continue to try to. To focus on on the government and the Iraqi Security Forces. What do you greatest concerns about the Iraqi Security Forces. We don't have. Much of -- capability. At all. To defend against an actual threat. And -- rock with its vast oil reserves fits in one of the nasty -- and most unstable neighborhoods in the world. Iran especially is trying to fill the vacuum the Americans believe. Behind. Tomorrow there will be a ceremony marking the official goodbye to US troops in Baghdad after nearly nine years of war. We have given the Iraqis opportunity. And lines that can never be replaced.

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{"id":15158025,"title":"Iraq War: Mission Finally Accomplished?","duration":"3:25","description":"President Obama thanks the 1 million troops and support forces who served.","url":"/WNT/video/iraq-war-mission-finally-accomplished-15158025","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}