Iraq War Vets' Families Reflect

Military families discuss the burden they've carried from the beginning.
2:54 | 10/21/11

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Transcript for Iraq War Vets' Families Reflect
This war was divisive -- -- the first bomb dropped and for most of the last eight years most Americans and -- posted 66%. Earlier this year. But most of the burden has been carried by fewer than 1% unless the military and their families. ABC's Martha Raddatz is focused on their stories from the very start of this war. There are so many who sacrificed so much so many who gave their lives their limbs. But the war -- -- -- -- does something else a new generation of heroes. Guy right next -- got hit a leaning against my knee. Two put pressure. Staff Sargent Robert Milton Berger was in this open truck when a firefight with eleven of the sixteen -- seriously wounded. They lived because of Milton Berger. Elsewhere not so lucky and we see via. Charlie company truck for flat tires. Engine on fire. -- -- Along with the dead and wounded tens of thousands with post traumatic stress trying to move forward. And another kind of sacrifice back home that brought soldiers to tears. They've gone through an awful. They go to -- sermons every month. And -- brigade ladies sit together. And for many months it's always -- -- Major Troy day enemy left his wife and four day old son when He went to Iraq. Where He immediately faced a barrage of gunfire. Tell it like rain when it -- puddles as -- hit all over the place in almost undescribable is is -- One every five seconds from an RPG -- pipe bomb -- an idea that they hadn't placed the enemy was wounded but went back into the fight his wife could only wait. I remember thinking oh my -- you know they've been there 34 days and how we can do -- this today we talked to -- enemies again. Middle Americans now seven and has a brother Luke. And even when it's not your soldier coming home or. Service member you when you see the other families -- eagle and support them -- just -- -- the signs up around the neighborhood when somebody's coming -- and in need it brings tears to your eyes enjoying your heart. Yes there will be more home -- now more hugs so powerful after serving and sacrificing. For so many years. And indeed the march out of Iraq has begun and while it won't be easy. The Pentagon says all US troops should be home for the holidays George and his good music and Martha thanks very much.

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{"id":14790376,"title":"Iraq War Vets' Families Reflect","duration":"2:54","description":"Military families discuss the burden they've carried from the beginning.","url":"/WNT/video/iraq-war-vets-families-reflect-14790376","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}