Disaster at Sea: Inside the Ship

New images from inside and the rush to get out.
4:07 | 01/15/12

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Transcript for Disaster at Sea: Inside the Ship
The stunning new images coming in from that deadly ship -- the -- ship that ran aground -- -- view now from underwater and the terror of the passengers faced during those crucial hours. Tonight how the disaster unfolded minute by minute as the luxury liner plowed into the rocks off the coast to Tuscany. More than 4000 passengers and crew putting on life jackets it it desperate race to escape. And this evening here -- team tackles three big questions what really happened from the moment the ship was in trouble -- 65 minutes before that order to abandon ship. Why did the -- wait so long to sound the alarm. And just how did so many people managed to survive even without any drills. We turn first to ABC's llama Hasan on the scene in Italy again tonight for -- lot of good evening. Good evening David -- as of tonight the death poll has gone up earlier today rescuers found. To -- -- -- men still wearing their life jackets dead in their cabins so a total of five. Are now dead fifteen others are still unaccounted for still missing. All day long rescue teams scoured the ship from above and the -- swimming into the wreckage looking for people who had been trapped alive. This South Korean couple on their honeymoon. Rescued from their cabin -- -- being stranded for 24 hours here another survivor and Italian crew member with a broken -- He was found in winched to safety. Underwater scuba divers have recovered the black box today and it's already providing vital information about where the -- laws when it ran aground. Very close to where we are just a 150. Yards from the shore in a hundred feet deep warfare. Today we're also learning about just how chaotic the situation most onboard that night. Amateur video says travelers how -- came crowded on the deck of the ship as they desperately waited for the -- to be you know hurt. The nightmare began at about 945. On Friday night when according to the -- box that was recovers. The ship hit the -- just as passengers were having dinner. The vessel had been dangerously close to the shore. The captain leaders at the rocks were not marked it -- to gash over fifty yards along the side of the hall within minutes water began pouring in. -- and 950 passengers reported the first announcement sixteen from the cruise saying that it was only an electrical problems. Passengers were told the situation was under control to remain calm. And that technicians -- solving the problem this ship started listing passengers scramble to the -- they claim the crew didn't want to lower than life. It's. We had to wait over an hour and half. Before we can get -- that vote. And the boat was obviously seeking out house for the cruise liner -- -- issued a statement tonight saying the captain committed an -- judgment. Which led to very serious consequences -- and -- we can see it's dark there you're several hours ahead of us what you send word of the newsroom today that the search in fact continues into the night. -- -- city David if you can believe it through the night yes we spoke to a rescue team tonight. Who said that they would continue their search they would keep looking for the survivors until every single one of those fifteen that is still an unaccounted for is found David. -- -- on the scene again this evening in Italy leading a soft -- thank you and all weekend long the images have been pouring in each more stunning -- the next. Last night -- it was the sheer size of the ship going down and tonight the newest glimpse from below the water. To view of the cost could Chordiant now under water you could look up hold the -- floor there -- -- once majestic ship. The railings -- crushed evidence of that violent crash. This was the ship Saturday night moments after running aground the -- ship Italy ever built as the hours go by it begins to turn on its side before sinking. The helicopter carrying rescue gear and this effort the stairway to -- a passenger with a broken leg. Now on its side you concede to 160 foot gash caused by the accident. And tonight we were moved by this photo from London's Heathrow airport a young woman a passenger. Reunited now home with her mother.

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{"id":15367937,"title":"Disaster at Sea: Inside the Ship","duration":"4:07","description":"New images from inside and the rush to get out.","url":"/WNT/video/italy-cruise-ship-captain-boat-rescue-save-passengers-disaster-sea-15367937","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}