Jaycee Dugard Interview: How Life Has Changed

Woman held in captivity for 18 years receives Inspiration Award.
4:34 | 03/13/12

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Transcript for Jaycee Dugard Interview: How Life Has Changed
Someone who taught millions of us about -- -- the nightmares of a terrible past by living with gratitude. For what you have now every day. Jaycee Lee du -- kidnapped as a child spending eighteen years in captivity. She just -- her first trip to New York City to receive the Diane von Furstenberg inspiration award handed to her. By none other than Oprah Winfrey. And then JC who withdrew back -- -- privacy after our first interview agreed to sit down again to tell me how her life has changed today. You may remember she was eleven years old waiting for the school bus when convicted sex offender Phillip garrido and his wife Nancy kidnapped her. And imprisoned her and a deranged backyard. She was pregnant at thirteen. Gave birth to two daughters her incredible story of survival told in the book a stolen life. I was kidnapped by a stranger at age eleven. And I want Phillip garrido to know -- I no longer have to keep a secret. We first spoke to her -- months ago. And this is JC to guard today it still taking delight in ordinary things like -- for this trip to New York. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I have these cab drivers are late in -- out in an out in an out. She is 31. And still reclaiming the night. You ever forget for whole days what happened to you so sure it's not it's not with me every day mean. -- over you know he. Nancy -- -- -- any kind Belarus he hasn't tried to contact Tim Hennessy phenomenon. Which is fine with me if I have you felt more anger I am angry. You know opinion -- the and the other hand I have two beautiful daughters that I can never be. Sorry about. The daughters fathered by garrido she managed to protect their privacy even after the book. To the girls want to talk to you up and ask you questions. We were in that situation to get there -- know what happened. And it's. Time in the -- and start start fraction. You said when we talked before that maybe you'll find someone for you. Someone you love. Who -- love you and I take it game -- me know when you've seen so -- go buying. I don't meet them -- and just I I can't go there yet but. Too soon. After eighteen years of mind control and terror. Still so much that has to be re learned. How to speak out -- -- say what I want instead of finding out what everybody else wants. -- -- -- -- -- And that is something -- -- surprise that it takes this long I think no more phone for a lot of years. A lot. She says today she spends a lot of her time on her foundation the chase foundation which helps families reuniting after trauma. And -- says. Not just families of children who retained and assists -- handling this. I mean this tragic events play if you displaced something that when the gates foundation. We'll help it's all part of her gratitude for every single day life is too short to think about other things you don't have. Even if it is just one thing our -- you have to be thankful farm. That -- enough. Before she left we checked once again thanks -- list a little girls held captive once made as she dreamed. What life could. See mom. First unless we see the tournament's. Bright and hot air balloon can check -- -- learned to drive check. Swim with a -- Not yet learned to say no. If horseback -- -- -- -- offense similar -- -- little does not anything you and add to your list until now -- -- here in the present south. So you couldn't -- -- make. The future is what you make their -- when she received her award JC said one day quotes my hope is to be remembered for what I do. Not what happened to me.

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{"id":15914216,"title":"Jaycee Dugard Interview: How Life Has Changed","duration":"4:34","description":"Woman held in captivity for 18 years receives Inspiration Award.","url":"/WNT/video/jaycee-dugard-interview-life-changed-15914216","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}