Jerry Sandusky Case: Mike McQueary Testifies

Prosecution's key witness speaks out about what he saw in the locker room.
2:18 | 12/16/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jerry Sandusky Case: Mike McQueary Testifies
That bombshell testimony in the Penn State sexual abuse case. For the first time the star witness the cornerstone of the prosecution spoke out. About what he says he actually saw in that locker room and what he did next here's ABC's Jim -- He has fiery red hair and his story ignited a fire store. That brought down a college football icon. Threatens the freedom of Penn State's best known defensive coach and accuses two university officials -- protecting the institution instead of children. Penn State coach Mike -- on the stand today. Sticking to the story that he told the university. I saw Jerry in the shower with a boy. And it was extremely sexual in nature and over the lines and raw. Mike McCrary is the only adult witness to that alleged sexual assault in the Penn State football team showers. At today's preliminary hearing for two university -- McCrory said he went to his mentor coach Joseph Paterno about what he saw. I told Paterno I saw a jury with a young boy in the showers way over the lines extremely sexual in nature and I thought I needed to tell him. His account back by coach Paterno is grand jury testimony. It was of a sexual nature and enough state prosecutors to prove the university officials accused of perjury and not reporting the crimes. -- -- When they said it was just -- Now you have both Paterno and you have the -- testifying that we told them. It was -- sexual -- going on at the university. The judge agreed the case will go to trial. But one underlying question remains why didn't Mike McCrary do more he said he slammed shut his locker loudly hoping to stop the attack. But did not confront sandusky remove the child he saw salted or go to police. It's the queries should have done something sickening that he didn't. In fact defense attorneys will point out that even after seeing that terrible attack McCrory continued to coach with -- -- for years. Played golf tournaments within for the second mile charity that -- dusty red and even shakes and -- -- hand. There's a lot of questions still to be a lot of people at home going to be asking -- questions of themselves thank you so much to them.

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{"id":15175391,"title":"Jerry Sandusky Case: Mike McQueary Testifies","duration":"2:18","description":"Prosecution's key witness speaks out about what he saw in the locker room.","url":"/WNT/video/jerry-sandusky-case-mike-mcqueary-testifies-15175391","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}