Jewel's Latest Musical Gem

Jewel Reinvents 'The Cleanup Song' And Talk's About Her Life Before She Was A Star
3:00 | 02/26/14

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Transcript for Jewel's Latest Musical Gem
The -- like you were meant for me and who will save your soul and intuition. Jewel is no stranger to mainstream success and that she's putting on a fresh -- -- on Dora the -- classic cleanup song. Here to tell us all about it it's four time Grammy nominee jewel thank you so much for joining us I think we're familiar with the song it's a very catchy tune -- give us an idea about what what the changes were all about. My attitude counts and I've really been trying to figure out. Ellis every mom's trying to do what's happening and teach -- that values and starting hopefully it really needs let's just in transit in -- and this and is making Valentine's cards in the day with him and we had to make I think fifty of them for his little pre school friends and he held various played friends and as they're making a massively as a part of me cringing going -- an -- escalate out of Florida's -- under any moment and I think it's really start to make. -- time for him part of -- routines are retiring -- he -- there's going to be cleanup portion of it. And trying to make that plan and he loves Dora the Explorer and so I district singing in the cleanups on beefing up the -- than. He -- that anything at two and so Mexicana get -- sing the song for him in humble around and pick things and it's been really fun and has really make clean and kind of on appointments and Anthony familiar with -- on how to feel about the changes that -- me what's so he's really mean he doesn't off the show that he has my little. People present yes I think keeping him again. We recently debuted the song to a lucky group of kids in New York could in new York and the -- -- side let's take a peek in -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay. And when you -- -- great song you know is that going to be available for download yet people -- country and that's -- her FaceBook page actually. I'm obsessed -- -- -- for -- some kind of obsessed with things that make clean up really fast and easy army so it was a lot of fun it's great to have all the kids there are just making. Cookies and decorating it was great. They've also just released a book in 2012 you know how is it that motherhood has changed you professionally. It's she's a lot of what I do what -- focus on obviously. Changed everything -- your life higher priorities. -- haven't made a real record in four years just because it took me awhile to get pregnant. -- take time off to relax. And then I want to take at least at that year off to learn how to be a mom and have that luxury and let what was the point of building a career if you don't use that time to just buy yourself the moment to be a mind. Field before that was amazing I really want to take advantage of it and so that's what I did and that's the least -- to work but I really started with my hands because my son and I'm hurt him to children's -- plan to records -- couple of violence -- hearing those around them. Now unfunny -- cannot child record -- -- -- folk album and national. Do you find that being a mom being a parent has opened you up in ways that you could have imagined. Musically. It's -- unstable to -- always on her. Many people and I love writing songs -- son can't -- thinking of things and I is that he's gonna let teaching him to write. Little songs that will -- songs throughout the day and it's not commit and he's going to be as songwriter because that. That's not why I'm doing it at least -- and if so if your brain to learn to improvise and you know we'll look around for driving -- -- attorney. What's the trees today until -- don't have lives in just cute to see -- be creative and think of things and I love it. That you mentioned to organize a new album one that it's not children based -- recorded that in Nashville what can your fans expect from. This is twenty anniversary of reference album actually pieces appearance -- Atlantic applicants -- until that. So some island style. I'm not working with the label of working with anybody and I mark the producer unjust and myself and making music eleven -- -- -- thinking about John -- thinking about singles and cordiality it could be just train wreck but. It's let me aliens is an innings and passion about these songs in the writing silent think it's the right thing to do I'll figure out how to get it out its new -- in the industry in. Making it -- and it and how are you liking that that change in. In the format for you. Highlight the -- have had a -- amazing relationship my fan base. I think I was recently and -- college textbook for being an originators of grassroots marketing on line and they gave me too much credit it was my hands. So in the mid ninety's the Internet was just. Being invented and people are just starting to use that my fans really reached out and I was able to communicate with and this amazing relationship and they've allowed needed switch on -- as they've allowed me to do my career and be mean because they believed in me so much that didn't matter anybody upset because that we've had this great relationship than. With lullabies my first independent -- -- -- -- -- nine copies which in today's market is just I'm O'Neill never gotten radio never having traditional promotion to sell that much so. I feel good about it -- it with my Miami's going -- -- its meeting liberating it allows me to make the music that I want and not have to be told by any other powers that be. Of course certainly your twenty year career before that you've been very open about a point your life where you were homeless living on your car. Is there anything about that that you still bring to your life today. -- -- highlight every day. I was -- on -- homestead I was raised just come a -- -- little ranch -- -- a kind of scruffy in. And I guess that's how you always see yourself I really amazed -- how my life has changed and how it's become that recon -- -- was such a big part of your heart and I wouldn't changes. You know for the world -- -- Iran being homeless is no fun but being able to fight through and find ways to believe in myself and never having compromised you know like -- ended -- -- -- -- because -- wouldn't have -- -- -- -- And I wouldn't change that and I figured out a way to try and overcome -- setbacks and still retain. Me and that's hard to doing life in -- -- product that I thought was a hard won battle on product and do you think that that's also helped you. Staying to those principles get to where you are today. It cost -- fifteen and I knew statistically atlases I didn't of the term at risk youth but that's what I was. I didn't -- it statistically I would become one -- industry's eyes and an abusive relationship pregnant and a drug addict -- that it probably somewhere by the time I was seventeen. And overcome those odds had to be very thoughtful and very conscious and very strategic and what I did with myself I couldn't afford. On to do drugs that could afford to drink -- conflict do anything that would exacts for the problems patents like trying to limit full life mean granted ended -- -- eighteen I worked -- out of it. -- being thoughtful. And by trying to write about what I'm thinking -- what -- feeling and how coming feel better and what a happy people do in studying people in trying to learn new habits and when I got signed it you know it's funny I was scared you'd think almost -- jump -- being signed but I was -- And you had a lot of insecurities and you had a lot of emotional. Distress and usually kids saying -- that that's just a recipe for disaster. And that's why have waited Hollywood that I avoided. A certain lifestyle and avoided according fame and now -- in black hats to honest relationship and my writing and with my hands because mounting -- only safety was sort of to admit my flaws and start from that place so that I always felt like -- the -- to grow and change and evolve as a human and that really helped keep me grounded like those early experiences helped me navigate an eyewitness has kept me grounded and hopefully evolving and the human you know it's so refreshing to hear you say that because of course that was -- before social media everything that it happened what advice would you give younger. People today. And we all come into this world matter how greater childhoods are with things that we need to examine look at and it's an examined life -- a life it runs you and said he running. And you had. -- to that is just like adding fuel to the fire and it's very hard psychologically to handle fame when you're young it's very difficult assignment to saint -- now have. Don't -- -- yes teams Tina trance state grounded and stay in touch with what your thinking and feeling -- it. It turns on the train -- we see too often makes me sad it's -- waste to waste -- -- Or glad to see you back in the action we look forward to years new music coming -- thank you so much for joining us.

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{"id":22691223,"title":"Jewel's Latest Musical Gem","duration":"3:00","description":"Jewel Reinvents 'The Cleanup Song' And Talk's About Her Life Before She Was A Star","url":"/WNT/video/jewels-latest-musical-gem-22691223","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}