Joe Frazier: From Humble Beginnings to Champion

Heavyweight boxing champ rose from simple origins in South Carolina.
1:37 | 11/08/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Joe Frazier: From Humble Beginnings to Champion
And we have a death to report tonight of a gladiator and the boxing -- Joseph Frazier who grew up in deep poverty in South Carolina. But then went on to win a gold medal at the Olympics and become world heavyweight champion. Though they -- it takes a great rival to create a great champion. Rangers life. -- his rival as defining. At five foot eleven Frazier was short compared to the athletic giants he would face Ali Foreman -- No you will no value gladly take him out. But -- all of them with the rivalry with the six foot three inch leave it -- -- mythic status. The workhorse vs the show -- -- a sledgehammer. Vs the dancer. The first face off was known simply as. Frazier -- to the left hook Alley down I won't even watching a replay of that fight with Howard herself Clinton. They tangled in the ABC studio. Joseph Frazier is blaming the studio now -- his -- lay -- that was. And then in 1975. The thriller in Manila says its sales staff Joseph Frazier Ali -- -- -- to -- -- already -- sped up even more. He pummeled Frazier -- left Frazier fought back like the lions. Frazier was so damaged his team through in the -- As the years went by the two aging warriors won by now very sick reached out in friendship. And in memory of the days when both were champions. Both were kings.

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{"id":14910598,"title":"Joe Frazier: From Humble Beginnings to Champion","duration":"1:37","description":"Heavyweight boxing champ rose from simple origins in South Carolina.","url":"/WNT/video/joe-frazier-sharecroppers-son-champion-14910598","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}