Kate Middleton, Princess Diana in First Speech

Duchess of Cambridge's speech compared to Prince William's mother's.
1:55 | 03/19/12

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Transcript for Kate Middleton, Princess Diana in First Speech
Catherine duchess of Cambridge gave her first public address as a royal today. It's an anxious rite of passage for a new royal thirty years ago was Princess Diana. A bundle of nerves some of dowdy dress. ABC's nick -- on two women two speeches. And to destiny's. Festival I'm -- fact. Eight was confident in control a far cry from the other princess she's often compared to -- and it made her maiden speech as -- thirty years ago and an area. Steamy once you know more Kansas City Council and this isn't called it. She later became a fashion icon but even in 81 -- -- horrid that dress from her mom. Net takes -- confidence. His big break hasn't made it -- well as its capital partners. She was lying in Payton who went to was reading words that someone else had written some of them on my father -- -- I'm many sorry that we -- -- eight -- -- It's he would love -- and. She confided in a friend she was nervous didn't show Diana back in those days it was a nail -- and often -- -- tenants I do. -- some relationship opponents say -- and the aristocratic accent and a vigil for girls was born with her -- When -- first visited the hospice and mountain. And a stumbled from the state for support from a man she barely knew that. -- pro -- -- road crews and make a big deal. Q and often planted at three -- wearing high heels. She's built this royal thing yet nick wolf ABC news. --

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{"id":15957434,"title":"Kate Middleton, Princess Diana in First Speech","duration":"1:55","description":"Duchess of Cambridge's speech compared to Prince William's mother's.","url":"/WNT/video/kate-middleton-princess-diana-speech-15957434","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}