Kim Jong Il Dead: N. Korea Really Mourning?

Sincerity of North Korean grief in question following dictator's death.
2:12 | 12/20/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kim Jong Il Dead: N. Korea Really Mourning?
Tonight an eleven day period of mourning is under way for Kim Jong -- The dictator died Saturday and we were struck by images from inside the hermit kingdom showing grief stricken north Koreans in despair wailing uncontrollably. -- is all that emotion real Forster a bit of both ABC's David Wright reports from South Korea tonight. Today Kim Jung -- lay in state news of his death one final insult to the foreign intelligence agencies tried for years unsuccessfully. To penetrate his regime. They learned like everyone else from the official announcement some 48 hours after his death. Today Kim Jong Il's son and -- choked back what appeared to be real tears as he gave -- solemn bow of the -- used. -- not a ready for prime time player. The Chinese themselves are a little worried about whether he's really up to the -- Today most of the public displays and grief. -- -- Other general where -- she -- Grown men many in uniform. Lovers like us part of this is political it's manufactured and it's required. On the part of citizens. But cannot discount that some -- this is quite genuine when Kim Jong Il's father died the outpouring of grief was equally over the top. The great leader and later the dear leader were North Korea's only celebrities. Today we met so lenient 23 year old defector from the normal who said her generational doesn't -- it. -- violent people in my mother's generation were brainwashed she said. But we are not supplied. State media released what they said -- was the last photo taken of Kim Jong-Il on a supermarket escalator. Today the escalator is shrine. If only to ride it again she -- These two countries are still at war but today South Korea extended condolences to the North Korean people and officials here said. That they won't be lighting the Christmas trees on the DMZ in the past. North Korea view Christmas trees on that heavily fortified border as a provocation they don't celebrate Christmas there. They worship their leaders.

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{"id":15201565,"title":"Kim Jong Il Dead: N. Korea Really Mourning?","duration":"2:12","description":"Sincerity of North Korean grief in question following dictator's death.","url":"/WNT/video/kim-jong-il-dead-korea-mourning-15201565","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}