L.A. School Faces Sexual Abuse Scandal

Scandal at Los Angeles elementary school raises questions about student safety.
2:33 | 02/08/12

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Transcript for L.A. School Faces Sexual Abuse Scandal
There is a sexual abuse scandal eleven elementary school in Los Angeles that is raise questions for every school and parents around the country and -- -- the question. Can train teachers to be the first line of defense for children and how do you make sure those teachers never looked the other way. To tell us the latest ABC Cecilia Vega. The allegations of what went on at this Los Angeles elementary school are so unspeakable it is now shut down the entire staff being replaced. Two veteran teachers are under arrest and police say there are nearly two dozen student victims. Accusations of children being sexually abused even in the classroom. One teacher a longtime fixture at the school accused of taking hideous lewd photos of students she's been working here for thirty years some might -- is. Has -- been -- thirty -- -- he's done -- you've used as first reported here nearly two decades ago but the case was dropped for a lack of evidence. Now there are questions about how something so horrible could have gone on for so long. Whether there's a culture of silence an American classrooms by one estimate across the country. Nearly 10% of students report being the target of sexual misconduct by school staff sometime between kindergarten and high school. Including everything from verbal to physical abuse. Private companies do offer comprehensive workshops for teachers and administrators to spot signs of sexual abuse among fellow educators and how to report it. But some experts say too often any training in America's schools is giving short shrift. Bullying may -- ten minutes. Sexual misconduct -- get fifteen minute and they -- are important complex issues that. If preventative and jobless that if people are really gonna take it seriously. You've got to devote more time -- that. There are red flags both teachers and parents should be looking for excessive attention paid to one student. Teachers spending time alone with children after school. Locked classroom doors covered windows furniture obstructing part of the classroom. Asked -- how to break any code of silence. The teachers and administrators they love those kids and they are not intentionally -- seen anything. But they are human beings and they are subject to the same dynamics as everybody else and. It's tough. To trust yourself enough to speak out but the appearance at this Los Angeles school are more than just speaking up now what are we want. They are demanding change. Cecilia Vega ABC news Los Angeles.

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{"id":15543312,"title":"L.A. School Faces Sexual Abuse Scandal","duration":"2:33","description":"Scandal at Los Angeles elementary school raises questions about student safety.","url":"/WNT/video/la-school-faces-sexual-abuse-scandal-15543312","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}