Could the Las Vegas Attack Have Been Prevented?

Friends of the couple with ties to anti-government movements say there may have been missed signs.
1:44 | 06/10/14

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Transcript for Could the Las Vegas Attack Have Been Prevented?
We're learning more about that couple in Las Vegas the husband and wife who went on a Rampage together targeting police officers and then going after -- Wal-Mart customer who tried to stop them. Tonight hear what to do when you see the warning signs in your own neighborhood because this couple reportedly made some very alarming comments before. ABC's senior justice correspondent Pierre Thomas tonight with what they said. We now know the jury and Amanda Miller were ticking time box -- -- seething hatred for government. Was the year for the world to see. You have to go down that big stone structure. Among. To hear it and submit. Sounds a little like Nazi Germany. He even told neighbors who were planning for war with police I shouldn't call the cops. There are two cops got families that are dead. Now there's regret I am so so so sorry if it just doesn't look right. Both by the police and tonight we're learning more about the private citizen who tried to stop -- Miller at the local warm warm after the couple had murdered two police officers. Our citizen victim mr. Joseph Wilcox is carrying a concealed weapon. And he immediately and heroically moved towards the position. Jared Miller mr. Wilcox walked right past Amanda Miller not knowing she was a -- She apparently came up behind an assignment -- they didn't just. -- -- -- Tonight police are emphasizing if you see something say something. The lives literally are hanging in the balance David. Pierre Thomas tonight -- thank you.

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{"id":24080498,"title":"Could the Las Vegas Attack Have Been Prevented?","duration":"1:44","description":"Friends of the couple with ties to anti-government movements say there may have been missed signs.","url":"/WNT/video/las-vegas-attack-prevented-24080498","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}