Lawmakers Let Loose on Ex-IRS Chief During Congressional Testimony

Acting IRS director, Steve Miller, pleads case after allegedly targeting conservative groups.
2:50 | 05/17/13

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Transcript for Lawmakers Let Loose on Ex-IRS Chief During Congressional Testimony
Tonight, finally, the irs tries to explain itself. And it comes after a week of scandal and mounting questions about fairness and singling out conservatives. So, what is their answer to the american public? And what about the blast of outrage they had to face today? Abc's chief white house correspondent jonthathan karl tells us. Reporter: Congress had some choice worlds for the irs. This is more than just mismanagement. We are all outraged. This is very chilling for the american people. This is wrong. You misled this committee. This investigation has just begun. Reporter: And the man in the hot seat? Ousted commissioner steven miller. He didn't entirely disagree. We provided horrible customer service here. I will admit that. We did horrible customer service. Reporter: What was that? Horrible customer service. Reporter: Miller began with an apology -- on behalf of the internal revenue service -- Reporter: But he didn't seem all that apologetic. In fact, he insisted over and over again the targeting of conservative groups had nothing to do with polit were groups treated differently? That's the question. Because of their belief, policy position or their name? No. Reporter: But wait a minute, the words used to decide which groups to target included "tea party" and patriot," and none of the familiar liberal buzz words. So there were no, "progressive," or "organizing" buzz words that were used for targeting, is that correct? Reporter: Miller said he didn't know what was going on until march 2012 and insisted he had absolutely no idea who started it all. Who was responsible? I don't have that name, sir. Who is responsible for targeting these individuals? So I don't -- I don't have names for you you mr. Brady. Reporter: Without an answer to that, some decided to skip the questions and just berate the irs. This is absolutely an overreach, and this is an outrage for america. I yield back. All right. Reporter: Among those watching, marian bower, a 68-year-old grandmother who was targeted when she tried to register a group called american patriots against government excess. It's not like we have millions of dollars. Reporter: What is your total budget? I think we maybe run through $1,500 a year. Reporter: They even asked her to describe a book her group was reading. What was your reaction? Read it yourself. Honestly. That was my thought. My husband said to me, you said, you can't tell the irs that. Reporter: The president has said he didn't find out about any of this until the news first broke last week. But today, we learned that top officials at the treasury department found out almost a year ago. Diane? Jon, tell mel more about ms bower and her application? Reporter: She actually got it approved. 2 1/2 years going back and forth with the irs. She finally got her organization approved. Okay, thank you jon karl. And now, we turn from the fire storm over tax money to the

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{"id":19205240,"title":"Lawmakers Let Loose on Ex-IRS Chief During Congressional Testimony","duration":"2:50","description":"Acting IRS director, Steve Miller, pleads case after allegedly targeting conservative groups.","url":"/WNT/video/lawmakers-loose-irs-chief-congressional-testimony-19205240","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}