Little League Lawsuit

Former Little League coach Alan Beck sues 14-year-old baseball player for spiking his helmet after game winning run.
3:00 | 01/18/14

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Transcript for Little League Lawsuit
We turn now to the little league matchup playing out in the on the field but in court, the coach taking on his own pitcher, a teenager, for something that happened on the field. Here tonight ABC's Ryan smith. Reporter: He's a great kid. I love the kid. It really hurts me to be doing this. Reporter: Former little league coach Allen beck is taking on a now 14-year-old baseball player in a lawsuit, asking for a whopping $600,000. Beck says the player, rounding the bases after a game-winning run scored, celebrated the victory with teammates by spiking his helmet. That helmet, according to his lawsuit, hit his Achilles, causing serious injury. Also named in the suit, the boy's parents, Joe and Reagan Paris. They say money were blind-sided. When the incident occurred, it was not evident to anyone that he had an injury. Reporter: Experts argue beck may strike out with this case. It's an assumption of risk that the coach has, the young man celebrating his win, throws his helmet up, that it may land and hurt somebody. Reporter: Despite the lawsuit, beck now says he would give it all up for an apology. If they come and apologize and acknowledge, then I would definitely have them, you know, take them off any type of lawsuit. The coach saying he would give it up. You talked to the boy's dad? The dad said he doesn't believe what the coach said is true and he doesn't feel that he did anything wrong. He feels like this isn't an poll Jie.

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{"id":21586636,"title":"Little League Lawsuit","duration":"3:00","description":"Former Little League coach Alan Beck sues 14-year-old baseball player for spiking his helmet after game winning run.","url":"/WNT/video/league-lawsuit-21586636","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}