Gabby Douglas Slips on Beam

All-around winner falters in final events; Aly Raisman takes bronze and gold.
3:00 | 08/07/12

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Transcript for Gabby Douglas Slips on Beam
Abc's bill weir has the front row seat at the olympics. What a day it was with twist and turns. Including a fight to the finish for one american athlete. But first bill brings us up to date on america's sweetheart gabby douglas. Reporter: With the team going all around gold, gabby douglas tweeted. And it was another day for jordyn wieber after the floor. And it might have been a stress fractured leg that cost olympic glory. But a solid performance gave her bronze on the beam and then after an exhilarating show of tumbling, no protest needed to win floor exercise gold going away. On the track, the golden hopes of a billion people were dashed when the chinese national hero injured in beijing crashed into the very first hurdle of the 110 meters. Meanwhile, the best sprinter of all time was back in the arena tonight. Usain bolt cruised from the 200 meters and from the glimpse of the fever he's ignited back home, kids were gathered to watch his 100-meter heroics at his former school in jamaica when power was cut and panic ensued. Someone found a radio, and this was the reaction. With the win over brazil on wet sand, april ross and jen kesse set up an all-american final on beach voluleyball. And the uk diver hushed the crowd with the angry mishap on the springboard. And then dropping out of competition after this painful back slap. Hmm. Occasionally, yes, there are moments rest of us can relate to. The head of the cameroon's olympic committee said seven of his athletes have gone missing from the olympic village. There's fears that they may try to seek asylum here in britain. Not political but economic. Even in a recession, maybe the grass is greener. All kinds of things. An romney's horse failed to add advance.

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{"id":16952737,"title":"Gabby Douglas Slips on Beam","duration":"3:00","description":"All-around winner falters in final events; Aly Raisman takes bronze and gold.","url":"/WNT/video/london-2012-gymnastics-gabby-douglas-slips-beam-16952737","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}