Madoff Son's Suicide: Wife Speaks Out

Widow on how the scandal affected the Madoff family.
3:01 | 10/21/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Madoff Son's Suicide: Wife Speaks Out
It was a colossal fraud the worst in history Bernie -- -- Ponzi scheme cost investors billions shattering thousands of lives and his own family. Made -- oldest son was so tormented and killed himself. And tonight his widow speaks out the first Madoff family member to show what was really happening inside their homes as their world came crashing down. Stephanie Madoff Mac sat down with 20/20 anchor Chris Cuomo for this exclusive interview. December 10 2008 Stephanie Madoff is busy decorating her apartment and getting ready for the holidays. Suddenly she receives a panicked phone call from her husband mark son of Bernard Madoff. And He said when hair are Yale I -- -- quits will the -- He goes. I'm -- Stephanie but it's my father my father's done something really bad. Her husband she says had grown increasingly concerned about his father's business. Finally confronting him that fateful afternoon. He marched into his father's office and said what that is going on here. And Bernie said that his business was. Just one -- -- and that He was billions in debt. Mark and his brother Randy turned in their father that day. -- confessed to running the biggest Ponzi scheme in history. More than 101000 people investing 65 billion dollars with what they thought was a legitimate firms. But Bernie had not made a single trade in decades. None of the investors' money had purchased a single share of stock. Instead He used his fund as a personal piggy bank. He was later convicted and sentenced to a 150 years in prison. Bernie's scam was crushing for mark especially the accusations He was complicit in his father's crimes. Both Madoff sons have always denied any wrongdoing insisting they ran a separate and legitimate trading desk. My husband knew nothing He was in pure shock. And you could see that the trail on his face and in his body. It was she writes in her newly released memoir too much for mark to bear. On the two year anniversary of Bernie's arrest while at Disney world with her daughter and mother Stephanie learns her husband hanged himself in their apartment. I just hear her say. Oh my god. Only got and I went running around -- she's like he's dead Stephanie he's. I heat burning me. If I saw bringing me off right now. I would tell him that I -- fully responsible for killing my husband. And -- -- in his face. When that emotions still so raw and she's very near Ruth Madoff to. Yes George and you'll see tonight why I -- here where things that went on. That her husband couldn't recover from. But they could have been fixable and it's very difficult for Stephanie to deal with that having lost the center of -- world -- it takes time that OK Chris Cuomo thanks very much.

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{"id":14790590,"title":"Madoff Son's Suicide: Wife Speaks Out","duration":"3:01","description":"Widow on how the scandal affected the Madoff family.","url":"/WNT/video/madoff-sons-suicide-wife-speaks-14790590","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}