Marching Band Hazing Tragedy

Hazing may be linked to the death of a Florida A and M University drum major.
2:13 | 11/23/11

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Transcript for Marching Band Hazing Tragedy
We have all heard about hazing rituals on football teams in college fraternities. We're surprised to learn that hazing is part of the culture of some big time marching bands the -- -- will perform tomorrow and Thanksgiving parades and at football games. And tonight one -- to actually perform for the president is facing a hazing tragedy. One of their drum majors is dead ABC's mad Godwin reports from Florida. -- -- from the -- importance. And. -- choreographed pageantry of the -- Florida and then marching band was a brutal hazing ritual called the quote rite of passage. Investigators now believe 26 year old drum major Robert Chapman denied. After walking a gold -- -- on -- school charter bus. Apparently pummeled to death as he went from the back of the bus to the front after his team's game in Orlando Saturday hazing. Was involved. In the events. That occurred prior to. The now all along call for assistance as recently as September according to the Orlando sentinel a -- band member worn to school in an email. These practices must stop and they will not until someone stands up in some changes are made. It's not the first time the legendary band has been in trouble. ABC news has learned that a decade ago five band members -- Marcus Parker so brutally he's kidneys shut down in 2004. He was awarded a landmark one point eight million dollars in the civil battery case. So we asked the school president once keeps happening. He denied all responsibility. I haven't seen. Any evidence. That has -- it. Hazing. -- to his death. And tonight the fallout begins I'll milk -- young man ABC news has learned a long time marching band director Julian -- from this fire. But the problem may be bigger than Florida NN obtained hundreds of thousands of students and -- get hangs on a regular basis. And at least one will die every year but for -- Chapman's family and friends. Change comes too late. Matt Gutman ABC news Miami.

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{"id":15020435,"title":"Marching Band Hazing Tragedy","duration":"2:13","description":"Hazing may be linked to the death of a Florida A and M University drum major.","url":"/WNT/video/marching-band-hazing-tragedy-15020435","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}