Mark Kelly: Gabby Wants Moderate to Replace Her

Rep. Giffords' husband: "I am not running for Congress."
2:57 | 01/26/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mark Kelly: Gabby Wants Moderate to Replace Her
As Gabby have a preference for who would succeed him well certainly she she wants somebody that's a moderate like her she thinks it's very important to have. More moderates in congress in the one of the reasons we have. A difficult time getting things done. If you have people on both sides of the party better towards the outside -- more people like her in the middle she's always been somebody that's been able to work across. Party lines very moderate person that brings people together. You know when she was up there resigning the other day to see you know who was behind here it was and only Democrats and they're probably equal number Republicans people -- her friends people that. She's been able to work with over the years giving unity in a position like that is one thing but when the election happens is not going to be that kind of unity unity. Ideally. You know she would find a candidate that she could support. You know somebody that had shares the same values as she does the -- you know some of the same policy positions but. As important as that is to find somebody that approach the job this inflation that was gonna give their all and work really really hard when you qualify -- You gonna run I'm not an -- no way no way. Not I'm not running for congress that they never really focus right now -- make catcher Gabby has everything. She needs to make sure she can get back to -- -- to be politically involved in the bush -- out -- and support. President Obama the election and in November -- time between now and and Maggette is a public servant at heart and has been involved in politics. Take years and even though she's no longer -- office -- -- the state involved. She wants to some level but she needs to figure out that when -- Obama comes to Arizona. In the run from. The reelection will she be out there standing side -- quote I don't know what it depends. And -- -- -- schedule right now she's spending. A lot of time in rehab pretty much five to six days -- weeks. An entire metal goes down. And I imagine that there schedules intersect she certainly have the opportunity that.

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{"id":15449887,"title":"Mark Kelly: Gabby Wants Moderate to Replace Her","duration":"2:57","description":"Rep. Giffords' husband: \"I am not running for Congress.\"","url":"/WNT/video/mark-kelly-gabby-moderate-replace-15449887","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}