Michael Jackson Verdict: Conrad Murray Guilty

Jury finds pop star's doctor guilty of involuntary manslaughter.
4:33 | 11/07/11

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Transcript for Michael Jackson Verdict: Conrad Murray Guilty
We Begin tonight as more than two years after Michael Jackson's death today we have an answer. A Joseph says his Doctor Conrad Murray brought about his death through gross negligence involuntary manslaughter. The judge had the doctor led away in handcuffs as -- even -- Michael Jackson's family wept. So let's get right to ABC's Jim -- has been reporting on this case for the past six weeks and is at the courthouse again tonight Jim. Diana heart doctor hired to put Michael Jackson to sleep tonight mostly from the Los Angeles County Jail. Conrad Murray a friend and a 150000. Dollar a month personal doctor to one of the most famous men in the world. Tonight is guilty of killing his one and only picture. Michael Jackson's parents two of his sister's two of his Brothers in the -- Just a few feet away from a -- -- Doctor Conrad Murray the moments tension broken by a screen from LaToya as the verdict was read. We the jury in the above entitled action find the deep -- -- Conrad Robert Murray guilty. The class of involuntary manslaughter outside the courtroom. -- erupted shouts of just. And within moments judge Michael pastor sent Conrad Murray in handcuffs and stripped of his medical license to wait -- is up to four year sentence in LA county jail. Our sympathies go out to the Jackson family at this time for the loss. That they have suffered not a pop by combat. A -- and -- brother. And I think that's most important. The Jackson family leaving the courthouse to cheers Joseph Jackson saying cryptically -- And Victoria who had pleaded earlier that Michael would be important -- -- expressing pleasure -- the verdict. Yeah accidentally taxes. It was heard Michael was talking up. The jury heard 49 witnesses and -- nearly 400 exhibits. They heard Jackson's voice recorded by Conrad Murray's cell -- like no one outside his inner circle -- heard before. -- -- And while Conrad Murray did not testify the jury did hear his voice talking to police two days after Jackson's death. Telling the Michael was desperate to sleep in begged him to give him milk or as it's known in the operating room -- -- -- -- -- It was a decision that cost Dr. Murray his livelihood and his freedom. This will be sentenced on November 20 ninth he could face as much as four years and today. All right Jim who has been on this case and follow it right through to the verdict and I want to bring -- ABC's legal analysts now Dan Abrams. Because we were talking earlier today and -- there's a bigger message -- what the judge was saying in this case I think it's going to doctors it's going to prosecutors. By this -- saying to Conrad Murray you've got to start serving time right now. I think he's clearly trying to send a message this is a guy -- no criminal history this is -- there's no indication that he would flee. -- judge certainly could have waited until the sentencing hearing. To make and -- time but -- basically putting him in the cops today I think it's just a reminder. About how seriously. This court wants people to take send doctors to take prescribing drugs and administer and dangerous drugs but. I guess it'll appeal is their chance to win very much a long shot he'll certainly -- the fact the jury wasn't sequestered in certain evidence that was admitted in addition to certain evidence that wasn't admitted it's going to be an -- -- All right Dan thanks to you and so this case is closed for the moment but it's worth remembering the haunted man at the center of this story all along preparing for a comeback tour. He once told me that getting ready to perform it was a combination of high anxiety and exhilaration. Every time he walked on the stage. Are you really anxious to get back on stage. I missed the that's my chance to get through. He can do different moved to a country and 500000. People you can -- -- -- -- consume. This really makes your heart happiness would really make you feel like him thing we can. And again. Guilty verdict two years and four months after Michael Jackson died at the age of fifty.

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{"id":14900901,"title":"Michael Jackson Verdict: Conrad Murray Guilty","duration":"4:33","description":"Jury finds pop star's doctor guilty of involuntary manslaughter.","url":"/WNT/video/michael-jackson-verdict-conrad-murray-guilty-14900901","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}