Michael Jackson's Autopsy

Defense argues autopsy details prove Conrad Murray's innocence.
1:59 | 10/28/11

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Transcript for Michael Jackson's Autopsy
Jurors in the Michael Jackson manslaughter case heard the description of Jackson as a man. So starved for sleep and the drugs that will bring -- -- caused his own death. Lawyers for Doctor Conrad Murray say the details of the autopsy prove it. ABC's Jim novelist -- on the case from day one and he has that part of the story tonight. Effects. Doctor Paul Weiss is the cornerstone of the defense -- a colleague friend and expert equal in status to the prosecution's star witness doctor Stephen -- Hired by the defense to rebut what most observers agree was strong medical evidence mr. Conrad Murray over medicated and killed Michael Jackson on June 25. 2009. What this presented a danger situation here. Not at all and that is -- -- that might be used. To produce a little bit of anxiety relief a little bit of sleepiness. Conrad Murray told police in his interview two days after Jackson died he gave Michael only one small dose of -- -- -- Good yeah. The prosecution experts said that could not be true because Jackson had lots -- -- -- an autopsy and the only scenario that makes sense is that Doctor Murray delivered pro -- ended Jackson's body. Through an IV for hours. But instead doctor -- and defense say it makes much more sense that Jackson woke up while doctor Marie was out of the room and used as a ridge to -- local fall. Into the IV line directly. While taking eight little -- -- -- pills a powerful sedative that combined to kill him. So you think it was a self injection -- fall between 113012. O'clock we did. In my opinion yes court and an early today when prosecutors asked for more time to prepare for its cross examination of doctor white. Much to the dismay of jurors one of whom could be seen mouthing we just want this to be -- -- they should get the case next week.

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{"id":14839074,"title":"Michael Jackson's Autopsy","duration":"1:59","description":"Defense argues autopsy details prove Conrad Murray's innocence.","url":"/WNT/video/michael-jacksons-autopsy-14839074","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}