Michael Jackson's Daughter Speaks Out

Paris Jackson reveals words of advice from her late father.
1:54 | 12/14/11

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Transcript for Michael Jackson's Daughter Speaks Out
-- an interview with someone who was the source of mystery and speculation for so many years Michael Jackson's daughter Paris. We saw her as a little girl wearing that peculiar mask she's now thirteen. And ready to talk about life behind the walls where her father shut out the crowds. Here's ABC's David Wright. She's the freshest face in Hollywood even though her dad was once the most famous man in the world. Michael Jackson fiercely protected the privacy of his children. Do you remember wearing masks going this is what kind of weird yeah my stupid -- -- that right. They add. -- I can't really sold -- -- like the only try to protect us. It wasn't until his memorial service that we finally heard her speak. That was two years ago earlier this year Paris Jackson told Robin Roberts she's ready for her -- showbiz career you want to be an actress. Yet. And think yeah I auditioning her playing next and ambition her famous father nurtured and she tells Ellen degenerate. You tell you that it wanted to act yeah and we did and props together. And -- -- you give us -- Nancy showcase in this senior enterprise at current spot. You can cry on the spot yes that's impressed since it's so big that you got away with all kinds of things many did not -- Paris Jackson is now promoting her first film movie version of -- favorite children's. Half the proceeds will be donated to public schools the most memorable. Saying that your dad said to -- was he said if I -- -- always remember what I -- And I took -- advice and I remembered everything -- Though -- poised to while moving his troops. David Wright ABC news.

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{"id":15158378,"title":"Michael Jackson's Daughter Speaks Out","duration":"1:54","description":"Paris Jackson reveals words of advice from her late father.","url":"/WNT/video/michael-jacksons-daughter-speaks-15158378","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}