Million Moms Challenge: Global Response

A look at babies and young women at risk around the world.
1:52 | 12/16/11

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Transcript for Million Moms Challenge: Global Response
-- the change save -- life simple solutions often costing only pennies. That can save a very young pregnant girl and a child and another part of the globe and tonight on 20/20 eight we're going to announce. That you contributed one point five million dollars. A million moms linking arms to -- some very frightened very young girls and other parts of the globe. They're not along. Tonight you'll -- young girls around the world married at the ages of 1011. Tips too small bodies not ready for pregnancy. But we'll tell you how difficult it takes to give them a chance a little film that costs less than a postage stamp. And stop the number one cause of death for women giving birth. Hemorrhage and also tonight we go with -- Burlington. At least internally and to Bangladesh. -- a -- personal story about childbirth and tells us how it led her to take up this. -- and for all the fortunate women -- childbirth is a time of joy. Team at ABC news stands out around the globe to find the smuggle things can make all the difference as a new American mom and a Brooklyn hospital. Talks to a new mom in Afghanistan who wants to -- women in America. Are also afraid of dying baby is born -- -- this simple anymore. -- And then hours falls to mom's -- won't possibility. Global team I want -- you beat the changes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And join in our challenge a million moms can't do this and we'll have more -- a special edition of 20/20 giving life a risky proposition minutes later tonight. Right here on ABC.

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{"id":15175663,"title":"Million Moms Challenge: Global Response","duration":"1:52","description":"A look at babies and young women at risk around the world.","url":"/WNT/video/million-moms-challenge-global-response-15175663","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}