Gadhafi: Barbara Walters Interview

ABC News' Barbara Walters reflects on meeting the Libyan dictator in 1989.
2:19 | 10/20/11

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Transcript for Gadhafi: Barbara Walters Interview
ABC's Barbara Walters -- -- at the peak of his power in 1989 and she joins us now. And Barbara have to ask you about that unforgettable moment you're pretty fearless you called him crazy whose -- I was crazy like -- fox. He knew it was during an at that time as we pointed out He thought that He was going to be the king of -- whole Arab world. -- we did the interview was so interesting to me it was and has compound in the middle of Tripoli and tense and tense. And Green and yellow and orange -- you can get a headache just from the tenth He wore a long flowing white these are bringing so sure it. And they work Hamels is there baby -- -- -- victim can most so He could have camel milk. To show that He was still -- tribesman. And even though we did it with an interpreter. He did speak some English I asked him if He would and this is what He -- Can you give any message to the American. Anything that the American people and anything. The Stevens school between. -- for corporate it to I was. You know I think -- receive very rarely I've spoken to be understood everywhere -- that was one of his attempts He was an -- -- was trying to reach -- Ellison spoke to him. Back in 2003 where is very -- Actively trying to reach I'd give up his chemical. Weapons and that is a forgotten story now that for many years after the fall of Saddam Hussein. Gadhafi wanted to be an ally. And the United States. Until -- -- recently it was just three years ago. For example baptists unsafe and we don't know what's happened to say. Came to this country where He was romanced by big hedge fund and industrial leaders who wanted to invest in Bolivia you know He was not -- -- -- and there was money. To be -- -- the former new captured by talking about that -- He always seemed otherworldly almost dreamy when you talk to. Well I have this vision of himself He was when I said it was going to be king -- they have -- He dressed like that this isn't very vain man I'm showing you sound. The head dresses so flowing -- Charlotte He had a picture of himself which is why haven't summit all of our interviews -- -- like they loved me. They love me. Other children and certainly did not -- Oval -- -- -- for coming on tonight.

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{"id":14783467,"title":"Gadhafi: Barbara Walters Interview","duration":"2:19","description":"ABC News' Barbara Walters reflects on meeting the Libyan dictator in 1989.","url":"/WNT/video/moammar-gadhafi-barbara-walters-interview-14783467","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}