Mohamed Morsi Declares State of Emergency in Egypt

Mohamed Morsi Declares State of Emergency in Egypt
0:58 | 01/28/13

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Transcript for Mohamed Morsi Declares State of Emergency in Egypt
And from brazil, we head to egypt, where tonight, there is a caldron of unrest again. Look. Hundreds of protesters clashing with police, tear gas filling the air. And veteran journalist of our partners at the bbc was there, and he rushed us this report, just before the evening curfew descended. Reporter: Well, here people in the center of suez are preparing to defy the curfew that's just about to come into force. And as you can see, these people seem to have no intention of going anywhere and the signs are that it could turn violent once again tonight. This is where the deadliest protests were held last friday. Ten people were killed as anger has really boiled over across egypt. Against the president. Many opposition parties feeling that he's trying to impose an islamist agenda on the country. What we've heard from the protesters is they will keep coming out until the president steps down. Amid the turmoil, aleem, thank you.

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{"id":18339446,"title":"Mohamed Morsi Declares State of Emergency in Egypt","duration":"0:58","description":"Mohamed Morsi Declares State of Emergency in Egypt","url":"/WNT/video/mohamed-morsi-declares-state-emergency-egypt-18339446","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}