Trayvon Martin's Family Calls for Justice

New details about the neighborhood watch shooter.
1:47 | 03/18/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trayvon Martin's Family Calls for Justice
There is new information coming out of Orlando this evening in that case now generating outrage -- this country we told you about the teenager who took a break from watching the game went out for candy. It never came back now -- 911 calls revealing the gunshots fired by a man on the neighborhood watch. Tonight ABC's back up and has learned that that -- -- neighborhood patrol had a habit of calling 911. Tonight we're learning more about the man responsible for this. The shooting death of trade -- Morton. An -- armed seventeen year old ABC news has learned -- shooter self appointed neighborhood watchman George Zimmermann was not tested for drugs or alcohol. Even though -- standard in most homicide investigations. And law enforcement experts listening to these tapes. This guy looks like he's something Lugar is on drugs -- home. Tell us it was -- not Morton who sounded intoxicated. It's the latest in a string -- possible missteps by police that night including dismissing eyewitness -- accounts and failing to fully investigate. The shooters background 28 year old Zimmerman has been charged with no crime. He reportedly had wanted to be a police officer calling 91150. Times over the last year. Mostly false alarms and -- twenty fit he took matters into his own hands. And always get a word. Let me -- up with the idea of it -- dumped -- into. After he shot and killed the teenager who'd gone out for a pack of -- suburban claimed self defense do you think -- -- trademarks fate would have been the same hadn't been like. I don't think you would've even been follow if he was a white kid. And tonight Martin's family calling on the FBI to take over what they say is a botched investigation. Matt Gutman ABC news Miami.

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{"id":15950373,"title":"Trayvon Martin's Family Calls for Justice","duration":"1:47","description":"New details about the neighborhood watch shooter.","url":"/WNT/video/neighborhood-watch-shooting-teen-justice-15950373","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}