Occupy Wall Street Turning Point?

Cities crack down on Occupy protests as Oakland braces for violence.
2:20 | 11/13/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Occupy Wall Street Turning Point?
A turning point in those protests across the country against Wall Street. These are the images coming in from Portland -- police moving in on protesters clearing out their tents their camps there. And similar images coming in from Salt Lake City and Atlanta -- -- cleared protesters from a downtown park. And tonight ABC news has learned they are preparing for the possibility of a showdown. At one of the biggest gatherings a site that has already seen violent clashes with police Oakland California. And tonight here we ask why now ABC Cecilia vague on this story again tonight from Oakland. The tension is mounting in Oakland California protesters are bracing for police to move in after they issued stern warnings over the weekend to clear out or else I'm -- -- and I'm gonna make sure that he corset. There has been a shooting near the campsite and violent clashes between police and protesters here. And at the center of it all in Iraq War vet whose skull was fractured during a police raid. Today he is out of the hospital and doctors say he still has trouble speaking. These people don't have anywhere to go the protest seems to be hitting -- turning point in cities around the country with police running out of patience with what they say are unsanitary even life threatening conditions at the camps. In -- Philadelphia and arrest after a woman was dragged into a -- and sexually assaulted. -- Philly has changed. We're seeing serious health and safety issues playing out on almost a daily basis to people. Of occupied -- have also changed. And their intentions. Have changed. And occupy Albany police hauled away dozens were defying a curfew a man committed suicide occupy Vermont's. One day after a man was found dead in his -- to -- Salt Lake police arrested nineteen campers for refusing to leave. More arrests -- -- Denver when protesters interfered with police trying to clean a park. Over 98 it faceoff between officers in riot gear and thousands of demonstrators -- Portland. Protesters built barricades and while most finally agreed to -- a few hundred stragglers were pushed out by riot police late today. And now a looming showdown here in Oakland the mayor at City Hall says these campers have got to go police could move in at any time the protesters say they are standing their ground.

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{"id":14945107,"title":"Occupy Wall Street Turning Point?","duration":"2:20","description":"Cities crack down on Occupy protests as Oakland braces for violence.","url":"/WNT/video/oakland-new-york-wall-street-occupy-protest-violence-14945107","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}