Obama at Disney World, Opens U.S. for Tourism

Presidents wants to encourage tourist spending to aid economic and job growth.
3:16 | 01/19/12

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Transcript for Obama at Disney World, Opens U.S. for Tourism
Another potential source of American jobs we learned that foreign tourists are eager to spend a lot of money and this country. But have a hard time doing -- the average Chinese tourists wants to spend 6200. Dollars here. But there's a huge backlog and all of China the US has only five places to get a visa and in Brazil -- had to wait 145. Days. Just to be interviewed to get a vacation in the US and spend their money here while today. Look who showed up at Disney World to make a big announcement saying that is going to change and ABC's Jake Tapper was right there Jake. Good evening Diane -- the White House says that every 65 foreign tourists equals. One American job in the travel industry says. That if you add up all the jobs that could be created if the US government eased restrictions on these foreign tourists. It could total more than one million new American jobs over the next decade. Irresistible photo op Cinderella castle in the distance. I am excited to -- making. It's always nice to meet a world leader of -- has bigger -- -- me hear the president announced he would try to reverse the trend from the last decade its other US share of the global war is an industry. -- I want America to be beat top tourist destination in the world. Tourists from emerging economies such as China India and Brazil are mini stimulus packages. A key part of the tourism economy says Robert Iger president and CEO of the Walt Disney company. The parent company of ABC news. The international -- come stays longer spends money. And that creates jobs. But since 9/11 the US government has made it more difficult to obtain tourist visas look at these long lines in Rio de Janeiro. Potential tourists also have to be interviewed. There are only four of these offices in Brazil and the waiting time together -- Is about a 120 days. Many Brazilian girls when they turn fifteen are given a choice between a big party or -- big trip. Today we met a bond she opted for the trip. Would more resilience comes the United States -- it was easier -- as early as so many simply go elsewhere. Costing the US economy an estimated 606. Billion dollars and 467000. Jobs over the last decade. The president today that the US government would ease interview requirements for many young people and seniors. Increase the number of consoles to speed the process and extent how long tours to -- apply. And obviously our national security. His top priority but we also want to get more international tourists coming to America when it comes to -- and or -- dollars. It's a small world after all. -- -- President Obama in Orlando Florida.

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{"id":15398605,"title":"Obama at Disney World, Opens U.S. for Tourism","duration":"3:16","description":"Presidents wants to encourage tourist spending to aid economic and job growth. ","url":"/WNT/video/obama-disney-world-opens-us-tourism-15398605","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}