Occupy Protesters Pepper Sprayed

Police face increased scrutiny over security methods used against protesters.
2:22 | 11/20/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Occupy Protesters Pepper Sprayed
Those images that have two police officers under increasing scrutiny tonight after unleashing pepper -- straight into the faces of some of those Occupy Wall Street protesters. Take a look as police on the campus of UC Davis and -- for taking seeded demonstrators dousing him square in the face of a pepper spray. Images racing across the Internet now there are stoking new -- tonight two officers are facing consequences and the university chancellor is herself under fire. We Begin here with ABC's -- economic. If the point of the protest is to draw attention and this one works -- drawing outrage. At how lake. My face was peeling off. Campus police at UC Davis fired pepper sprayed directly into the faces of massive occupy protesters. Who refuse to move after being warned by police. Diet received a direct shot at pepper sprayed down my road. I spent the next hour dry -- and vomiting. Eleven students were treated for minor injuries campus police defended their actions saying their officers were surrounded by the protesters. It was for the safety the officers in the -- -- so they can. Get out so we could meet today two of the officers involved in the incident were placed on leave and the school's chancellor who was criticized for -- first of voicing support for police. Has now ordered an investigation. I personally faith he knew Betty bad about what happened to students in the cold and it incident. So just how far can police go to control a crowd cheered as -- sprayed in the area and want people move away from. Pepper spray is to keep the people from being able to have -- and attack. And occupy protests around the country police have used pepper spray to push back protesters. Many reacting to this video say it was too strong -- punishment for this act of Civil Disobedience. The police officer had no reason. To -- those kids. And here in New York where the occupied movement started police also have come under heavy criticism. For the use of pepper spray and -- police now are very clear about their policy. They can use it when someone is resisting arrest. Or when police are protecting themselves David -- -- a lot of debate over those images -- economic welcome to ABC it's great to have you with us here.

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{"id":14994468,"title":"Occupy Protesters Pepper Sprayed","duration":"2:22","description":"Police face increased scrutiny over security methods used against protesters. ","url":"/WNT/video/occupy-protesters-pepper-sprayed-wall-street-police-security-methods-questioned-us-14994468","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}