'Occupy' Protesters Removed

New York City police crack down on encampments in Zuccotti Park.
2:52 | 11/15/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Occupy' Protesters Removed
The showdown at the birthplace of the Occupy Wall Street movement what is known as -- cutting park in lower Manhattan. For more than eight -- ground zero for protesters expressing outrage over income inequality and corporate greed but today. The park was transformed from the chaos. To calm. The empty square after the police raid the protesters evicted ABC's Dan Harris was there. -- game in the dead of night several hundred riot police clearing the park. The protesters who refuse to leave some of them chaining themselves to one another or to trees. Were forcibly remove roughly 200 of them arrested. The mayor said the elaborate enchantment here had simply become too great a fire and -- as it. He said the protesters would eventually be allowed back but only -- -- their tents and -- It's the First Amendment protects speech. It does not protect the use of tents and sleeping bags to take over in public space the mayor also said dance squads of sanitation workers who ripped. The tents and -- to lay sleeping bags and then makeshift kitchen and medical area. But protesters we're not giving up by midmorning they marched back and try to retake the park as a -- you all right. And right now. New York is just the latest city to crack down on Occupy Wall Street. -- and cleared out -- protesters Sunday Oakland the following day. These occupations have not been cheap costing Oakland for example 2.4 billion dollars. In police overtime and sanitation -- this NX cash strapped city that's been forced to lay off workers recently. These protests cost taxpayers a lot of money for police sanitation. How is that good for the 99% violence but -- this right here. And don't you ruined. All this believes. That. Blew out how -- -- the mom. -- -- Late today the protesters were told they would be allowed back into the park. But they lost a court battle to retain the right to use tents and tarps and if you're not -- love that tents and tarps. It isn't an occupation anymore. -- -- See any reason -- believe we couldn't -- -- I don't see any reason. And -- did this to being in killing them. Diane tonight the protesters are really start to fill -- the -- parked behind me police letting them in gradually taking their bags as they go there is today. Festive atmosphere people say they're happy to be back in what they call their home but. They know things are now different as -- tonight they can no longer even sleep in -- -- -- Which makes calling this an occupation. A little bit difficult.

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{"id":14960261,"title":"'Occupy' Protesters Removed","duration":"2:52","description":"New York City police crack down on encampments in Zuccotti Park.","url":"/WNT/video/occupy-wall-street-protesters-removed-14960261","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}