Pasadena Wind Storm Worst in a Decade

Santa Ana winds tear through the West Coast.
2:15 | 12/01/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pasadena Wind Storm Worst in a Decade
There's chaos caused by something that always sounds benign. The warm Santa Ana winds they suddenly seem like mr. -- Terri through towns with a ferocity of hurricane. The worst windstorm in ten years six states pummeled so far. The storm has three more -- its sights and ABC's David Wright is in Pasadena it's enough. They're really bad right next Tuesday earlier this morning's. And so fierce local reporters and residents struggled to stand their ground. At LAX cameras were rolling when the lights went out in all nine terminals. High winds blew out transformers and sending sparks and -- dry winter brush. And when the sun came up traffic lights and trees toppled like toothpicks littering the roads it was just amazing and interest. The disaster we. Com but for some wins could -- -- on -- street. On Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood to of those iconic Southern California palm trees blocked the morning commute. In Pasadena a lot of commuters didn't make it much past the front. Door and at 6 o'clock in morning again got to work and I was like throughout the -- -- top partner for kids you have never had a snow day old dead. Oh well it was -- to climb on the big tree that landed on mommy's car. Mommy not so much both -- -- -- -- -- High wind swept all across the southwest -- -- jaw hitting speeds faster than 100 miles an hour. The -- -- east -- through the canyons of -- California. Almost like up in a river we have a river and -- you have your rapids. Some saw this ferocious wind. As an opportunity for fun one man rigged up his kite -- a go cart. And enjoyed the ride of his life across an empty football field. These Santa Ana winds are seasonal but it's been more than a decade since we've seen anything this bad 300000. People without power. And Diane tonight the forecasters are saying. Race for more. All right and -- be -- bracing thank you David Wright.

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{"id":15068874,"title":"Pasadena Wind Storm Worst in a Decade","duration":"2:15","description":"Santa Ana winds tear through the West Coast.","url":"/WNT/video/pasadena-wind-storm-worst-decade-15068874","section":"WNT","mediaType":"us only 08"}