Paul Ryan: What You Didn't Know

Jonathan Karl on life-changing moments from vice presidential candidate's past.
3:00 | 08/13/12

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Transcript for Paul Ryan: What You Didn't Know
Abc's jon karl up close with a look at his history, his family, who he is. Hey. Reporter: For the most part, paul ryan seemed to enjoy the iowa state fair, although he didn't want to talk politics with us. Later. Reporter: Ryan's wisconsin roots run deep, part of a prominent family in janesville, where the sixth and eighth grader became prom king and When he was 16, his father died. Ail sudden heart attack at 55. He dedicated his life to making dad proud. Since then, he's been in a hurry. Arriving in washington at a 22-year-old intern. He's obsessive about fitness. A devotee of tony horton's hyper intensive workouts. Here's how he explained his daily routine to politico. Pullups, situp, lots of cardio, jumptraining, yoga. Reporter: Ryan's wife jana, the daughter of local democrats is now staying at home with the three kids. Ryan is a numbers geek, often seen with his ipod, alternatively listening to led zeppelin and policy issues. I've been reading these things since I was 22 years old. You literally go through it line by line. Reporter: But he's also a wisconsin cheesehead. And he tells us he knows a thing or two about milking the cows. I've learned over the years how to do it. I asked ryan if the hecklers bothered him. He said not at all because he's used to it being from wisconsin, a place that has seen more of its rough and tumble politics lately.

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{"id":16997823,"title":"Paul Ryan: What You Didn't Know","duration":"3:00","description":"Jonathan Karl on life-changing moments from vice presidential candidate's past.","url":"/WNT/video/paul-ryan-romneys-vp-pick-16997823","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}