Penn State: More Alleged Victims?

Number of boys accusing former coach Jerry Sandusky of sexual abuse could grow.
1:58 | 11/17/11

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Transcript for Penn State: More Alleged Victims?
Now the scandal surrounding former Penn State football coach Jerry sandusky and this evening here a new and staggering prediction. About the number of possible victims here's ABC's to model. ABC news has learned -- ninth alleged victim has been presented to the attorney general's office by a local civil attorney. Who already represents one of the original eight accusers this could be just the beginning -- attorneys in the field who say send ASCII. Sparked a victim backlash that could lead to as many as 100 new accusers before it's over. -- send -- he gave an interview. In which he denies abuse. That was a real traitor. Off for the survivors. It caused of them should pick up the phone. And break the silence in a way they had been able to a four. Anderson says he's been contacted by eight new people claiming they were among send us he's alleged victims. And experts like Kathleen Kane a veteran Pennsylvania prosecutor specializing in child molestation cases. Are worried for children because send -- he is still a free man today awaiting trial. I can't imagine any reason to allow. Any defendant at this point who was charged with Bryant violent sexual acts against young boys to roam the streets free. She surprised that then attorney general and now governor Tom Corbett. It took so long to build the case he opted to use a two year grand jury investigation instead of charging send -- years ago himself. In the hundreds of cases that I prosecuted or investigated. I've never seen it take that -- I was surprised by that. As a mother I was shocked. The ninth alleged victim's attorney went to the attorney general's office today and told them that his new client is ready to testify in court. -- -- -- That would make nine victims. David to model on this story again tonight.

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{"id":14978325,"title":"Penn State: More Alleged Victims?","duration":"1:58","description":"Number of boys accusing former coach Jerry Sandusky of sexual abuse could grow.","url":"/WNT/video/penn-state-scandal-alleged-victims-14978325","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}