Person of the Week: Justin Rollins

A family fights to bring a puppy from Iraq to New Hampshire.
2:54 | 11/25/11

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Transcript for Person of the Week: Justin Rollins
Are persons of the week the story of a soldier who gave his life in Iraq and his loved ones back home determined to bring home the last living thing -- -- touched. What army specialist Justin Rollins left his tiny Hamlet of Newport New Hampshire to fight in Iraq. He promised his family and his sweetheart Brittany he would be back. He said mom don't worry I promise I'll be home. But his promise was shattered by a roadside bomb. Yet on the very night before he died just and his buddies made a discovery. That would keep this spirit this promise and his heart very much alive. I think there are five -- -- their weapons six. Stars like eight puppies slain underneath the -- we start playing with them and that's that's where all the pictures came from that night those images sent by email on the day Justin died. We're still on the mind of the -- family when his body was laid to rest. Army brass asked the family what he could do to help. -- that I want it's one of the poppies that Justin held. And I Iraq and I freeze counts needlessly to me. Share. And one of the it's what -- the eighth at one in a million you'd be so nevertheless -- -- Finally start beating the -- for operation hero. And when the local Paper with the story on its front page a few local politicians put it on the front burner. And suddenly even congress and the Pentagon are feeling the heat. Somebody got a call and they said we've got to get the dog. Stray -- living in -- wars. And it's not whole bunch of these. 82 airborne paratroopers -- his vehicle trying to get that spot. Out of the war in into a washed -- We get it back and -- cleaning minutes what's going on you know washing machines ways -- -- -- into the Green pastures and New Hampshire. You're gonna love it. Less than three months after Justin's death a puppy named Hiro landed in New Hampshire. Since -- -- hero has taken over the top spot. In the chain of command at the Rollins how's this tape this story as one of our cameras happened at catcher in the spotlight of a Sunday but what are the odds of that. What -- a million. One of the biggest decisions for wanting to get. Hero out of Iraq and his daughter -- -- saying. This is the last life he saved. It's he gave him the last that a happy naps. But the smiles on his face when he was holding her -- just beautiful. And so we choose the -- army specialist Justin Rollins in the Rollins family are persons of the week and of course hero. Right at home in New Hampshire now. -- -- to -- -- for bringing us that report will have much more on the story as he teams up with Animal Planet for the series saved and that's tonight right here on ABC's 20/20.

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{"id":15030508,"title":"Person of the Week: Justin Rollins","duration":"2:54","description":"A family fights to bring a puppy from Iraq to New Hampshire.","url":"/WNT/video/person-week-justin-rollins-15030508","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}