Piers Morgan Under Fire in British Tabloid Trial

CNN interviewer testifies about former position as News of the World editor.
2:02 | 12/20/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Piers Morgan Under Fire in British Tabloid Trial
A judge in Britain heard sensational testimony today about how Britain's infamous tablets get those big scoops. The hearing exposed how the newspapers to victimize celebrities from Elton John Paul McCartney. And it turned the tables on a television interviewer well known to American audiences ABC's Jeffrey Kaufman reports from London. Princess Diana. -- -- McCartney. And targets of Britain's tabloid. Today on the hot seat celebrity interviewer piers Morgan -- -- three insert troops since. Story that you point. I asked the questions mr. -- -- Americans know the former British tabloid editor from America's Got Talent and CNN. Today he was testifying by video link at Britain's official inquiry into -- phone hacking and other illegal behavior. Working conceded that have listened to an emotional voice mail from Paul McCartney from his wife Heather Mills. Their marriage was crumbling so close to -- -- -- somebody else's unethical organs weren't even more when asked about hiring a man called in June the Binh -- And found Elton John personal bank records in the singer's -- Heathrow provisions of the street band. You know I'd. Just throw it out one now unhappy communities and it is spectrum and -- Actually the stakes for Morgan are huge. He is testifying under oath in an investigation in which more than a dozen journalists and editors here in Britain have been arrested. Many more careers. Ended Morgan didn't even tried to defend the doctoring of this glory 1997. Photo Princess Diana to make it look like she was kissing -- Miami this -- victory. Stupid he admits unethical perhaps but he insists it's not illegal. Hoffman ABC news story London.

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{"id":15201666,"title":"Piers Morgan Under Fire in British Tabloid Trial","duration":"2:02","description":"CNN interviewer testifies about former position as News of the World editor.","url":"/WNT/video/piers-morgan-fire-british-tabloid-trial-15201666","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}