'Pink Slime' Discontinued at Safeway

Four supermarket chains announce they will no longer use the ground beef filler.
4:02 | 03/21/12

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Transcript for 'Pink Slime' Discontinued at Safeway
The major change -- your supermarket after the world news investigation into the inexpensive filler commonly known as pink -- We found that that filler was added to 70% of the ground beef sold in this country consumers reacted across America and you took your questions straight to the meat departments of the stores where you shop. Well tonight some big supermarket chains are signaling they heard you loud and clear. The nation's second largest chain Safeway the third largest super value -- the food lion chain all announcing they will stop selling beef. With pink slime. ABC's senior national correspondent -- -- -- broke this story he has the latest now. Yes two weeks ago I -- -- this Safeway and asked if its ground beef contained with the meat industry calls -- finely textured beef. And the USDA scientists first termed -- pink slime. So the -- here at Safeway says he has no idea if the ground beef there has pink -- corporate headquarters later told us yes it's meat does contain it. But they were reviewing the policy fast forward to today. Safeway announces its meat counter is now free of what former USDA scientists characterize as low quality beef scraps sanitize with ammonia gas. Yes it's a pink slime that's not fresh ground beef we didn't feel it was the it was a salvage. The country's second biggest grocery chain says considerable consumer concern led to its decision. Even though the USDA in food industry experts agree that -- finely textured beef is safe and wholesome. Safeway will no longer purchase it. And late today America's third largest chain Supervalu which includes such big names as Albertson's lucky and July ESCO. Announced it too would pool all ground beef containing the product from its shelves because of consumer consider. And then food line another top ten grocer made the same decision. Consumer concern like this online petition now with a quarter million signatures started by a mom of two. It disturbs me that USDA made a decision. And this filler up to 15% doesn't have to be this. Safeway Supervalu and food line and now joined public's HEB whole foods and Costco. Promising their ground beef contains no pink slime what's next. Now Kroger is providing answers to shoppers who ask which of its -- is pink slime free. Meat departments have the list and we shared it widely on our FaceBook page. Over at Wal-Mart the nation's largest -- -- silence until tonight. We even sent ABC news producers inside to find out. We asked several employees including the -- manager. Not -- him to tell us. And finally tonight an answer from corporate Wal-Mart headquarters. They say they do use pink slime and their meat but soon will offer customers an option. And Jim miss here announcer -- Understand what Kroger is saying for the first time they are going to answer your question if you ask of the butcher counter what has pink slime and -- -- doesn't. Absolutely they say that the butcher has a list now that he will tell you which of the meats have pink slime and. Since this is a lower cost -- and they have these supermarkets promising to keep the price the same -- -- they gonna raise the price. We asked both Safeway and Albertson's today and both of them say they will continue to be competitive and they will not raise the price not raise the price all right. And we got a lot of emails and even reading them to people asking is this -- and ground Turkey is it -- chicken or any other product you -- find. But can understand why they're asking that question because there are kinds of there are a process chickens and processed Turkey. But remember this is -- beef products. This product itself is only being added to beef products ground beef primarily but also some. Processed meats and deli meats aren't Jim -- with us the big news tonight I expect we'll be hearing more thanks so much Jim.

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{"id":15974838,"title":"'Pink Slime' Discontinued at Safeway","duration":"4:02","description":"Four supermarket chains announce they will no longer use the ground beef filler.","url":"/WNT/video/pink-slime-discontinued-safeway-15974838","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}