'Pink Slime' Outrage: Beef Industry Responds

Viewers demand answers about supermarkets' ground beef.
2:40 | 03/09/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Pink Slime' Outrage: Beef Industry Responds
We are back on the case tonight our ABC news investigation of the -- called pink slime and 70% of the ground beef sold at supermarkets in this country. You have flooded us with emails about your attempts to get direct answers from your supermarkets which ones allow -- Which ones don't and what does the beef industry have to say. ABC's senior national correspondent Jim -- -- what went right to the top to get answers. Organic butchers like Brooklyn's Joshua Apple's don't have a strict definition of 100% fresh ground beef it should be home awful brown. Mean to a -- and went to a -- apple stone says he wouldn't sell or serve his family hamburger mixed. Would -- finely textured -- commonly known as pink -- something that's in 70%. Of American ground beef. This picture of the material was sent to ABC news by its maker today. That's the final product that starts with low grade beef trimmings spun in machines and spritz with ammonia. An unnatural process but most Americans get their ground beef at supermarkets and our viewers want to know if pink -- lurks in the -- sold here. Up 8% -- doesn't contain flu like which. Retail chains period. So for the second day in a row we asked America's top ten grocers and whole foods exactly that. These companies either didn't respond or had no comment the owners of Stop & Shop and giant say they use the product. Safeway would only say the government says the filler is safe but they are reviewing their own policy. These stores say their -- contains no pink slime at all. Is that additive up to our standards -- answers no I personally don't know how I could explain to a hostile member. That we -- A trend that's been treated with ammonia and their ground beef. Critics say pink slime is more like gelatin then -- and less nutritious. But BP I its inventor and primary manufacturer. Tells ABC news in a letter from its lawyer today it is USDA approved beef and is nutritious and the American meat institute insists pink slime is not an additive so no label is necessary. What's being hidden here. What are you asking me to put on the label its beef it's on the label it's a beef product it says beef this is beef. So we are declaring it its beef. But the government and all. Christian USDA. We've been asking the USDA since Wednesday for an interview on camera they've said no. And they're not changing their policy didn't give us no indication they're -- their policy that this could continue to be appearing at America's hamburgers without a --

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{"id":15889823,"title":"'Pink Slime' Outrage: Beef Industry Responds","duration":"2:40","description":"Viewers demand answers about supermarkets' ground beef.","url":"/WNT/video/pink-slime-outrage-beef-industry-responds-15889823","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}