'Pink Slime' in School Cafeterias, Supermarkets

USDA responds to public outrage over ground beef filler.
1:53 | 03/15/12

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Transcript for 'Pink Slime' in School Cafeterias, Supermarkets
World news getting answers as you know for the last week here -- -- the team reporting on that pink -- and ground beef that filler used to pump up the meat. Tonight -- the big change on school lunches the USDA telling schools at this fall they can choose ground beef without it. Tonight ABC's David -- on what this means as we ask is your supermarket next. Thousands of view posted questions which. Retail chains carry demanding answers. -- -- Parents schools state officials insisting the government do something about pink slime. Trimmings which are slightly -- spun down to remove fat -- and sprayed with ammonia and added back -- ground beef. Today action the USDA announcing that due to consumer demand. It will offer a choice to schools they can buy paddies with or without paying -- also known as lean finely textured beef. Four year teachers there will eight school lunches and blog critically about the food this is. Phenomenal thing I mean this is a miniature improvement. For -- The associated care -- school districts -- trying. But only 15 of the food for school lunches is spot through the USDA. And you the consumer is not getting any additional information. With 70% of the supermarket ground beef containing pink slime and only -- -- admitting they use that power you to know what's in your being. For a week ABC news and Jim -- and that's the beef industry that question why not just put it. The label its beef it's on the label it's -- beef product it says beef this is being so we are declaring its beef. The USDA is clear in saying pink slime is safe. But while the government is changing its policy for schools it won't demand -- supermarkets label within the -- you -- David currently ABC news Washington.

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{"id":15932220,"title":"'Pink Slime' in School Cafeterias, Supermarkets","duration":"1:53","description":"USDA responds to public outrage over ground beef filler.","url":"/WNT/video/pink-slime-school-cafeterias-supermarkets-15932220","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}