Polar Bears Suffer Due to Warmer Weather

Polar bears find it harder to hunt with the changed climate near the Arctic.
2:00 | 11/20/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Polar Bears Suffer Due to Warmer Weather
Take -- north of the border much farther northward to polar bears are suffering so hungry they are now hunting for food strolling straight through town. ABC's Ron Claiborn -- to Manitoba province Canada explaining why they're hungry. And how they're being brought home. Every fall hundreds of polar bears gathered here on this wind blasted tundra. Off Canada's Hudson Bay waiting for the water to freeze so they can go out and hunt for seals these bears haven't eaten since July they spent the last couple of months sleeping. But now they are hungry. This week we had a rare opportunity to -- the polar bears as they gathered on the -- that ice freezing as. Two to three weeks late may be up to four weeks late in recent years the ice is forming later in the fall and following earlier in the summer. Giving these bears -- shorter feeding season scientists say climate change is to blame. There's that's certainly the -- and food drive which is why some of these revenues bears come looking for food. In the town of Churchill. An important vote and you know. Yeah even a small -- -- bear gets caught in Churchill they get hauled off to what the locals call bear jail. After a few days detention they are tranquilizers. Blindfolded. And -- and airlifted out of town and released back into the wild. This -- is about four or 500 pounds he was kept in the bear jail only for about a week or so. The thick -- three hours for this is -- tranquilizer to Wear off and then hopefully he'll go wandering off in another direction and search of food soon the bear begins to wake up. Broccoli watching us watching him. -- -- marks his -- Green died this way if he shows up in Churchill again -- no he's a repeat offender. -- he will join the other bears waiting on the shores where their next meal. Where these polar bears the stakes could not be higher their survival depends on. Ron Claiborne ABC news Churchill Manitoba.

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{"id":14994670,"title":"Polar Bears Suffer Due to Warmer Weather","duration":"2:00","description":"Polar bears find it harder to hunt with the changed climate near the Arctic.","url":"/WNT/video/polar-bears-suffer-due-warmer-weather-climate-change-near-arctic-hunt-world-news-14994670","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}