The Polar Vortex Returns for an Encore

Just when it felt like things were about to thaw out for good, more wild weather returns.
3:00 | 02/20/14

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Transcript for The Polar Vortex Returns for an Encore
assault from the weather again, and we have word that tornadoes are touching down, two already in Illinois this afternoon, and there are tornado warnings in several states tonight. As people in the east and midwestern U.S. Battle the ice and also brace for another polar vortex. Here's ABC's Alex Perez. Reporter: Weather whiplash in the north, blinding snow and ice. South, severe thunderstorms and even possible tornadoes. And parts of the midwest, rain and warmer air moving east, creating huge temperature swings. In Michigan. They're using dynamite to break up 2 feet of ice on the river, hoping to avoid an ice jam. The other problem, potholes, a national epidemic, and because the city has filled more than 165,000 of them so far. Today, because of the rain, they can't even work on them. In Cleveland, forget the golf course, you can hit 18 holes in seconds. In New York City, a pothole record, more than 113,000 road craters filled this year. Every time a pothole is filled, I said this to the crew, every time they fill a pothole, they're protecting people's lives and people's property. Reporter: Nancy Farber's Ford taurus is pothole casualty. The engine shifted. It sounded like an explosion. Absolutely like an explosion. It was very frightening. One look at the map, you can see mother nature and winter not done yet. We're going to be looking at a direct discharge of arctic air coming late next week and upcoming weekend. For those looking for an early spring, that's not going to happen next week. Reporter: So many of us could

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{"id":22609430,"title":"The Polar Vortex Returns for an Encore","duration":"3:00","description":"Just when it felt like things were about to thaw out for good, more wild weather returns.","url":"/WNT/video/polar-vortex-returns-encore-22609430","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}