The Spoon Sized Puppy

A look at the puppy the Guinness book of world records may be interested in.
1:48 | 03/24/12

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Transcript for The Spoon Sized Puppy
A miracle puppy born just two weeks to go small enough to fit I'm a spoon -- tonight she's not much larger as we learned just what was who saved her. Here's ABC's Dan Harris. Tiny jail those -- eyes the whole package smaller than a -- It is very possible that this is the smallest done on earth. He's definitely -- -- -- -- -- part Chihuahuan art and yet probably got him he wasn't supposed to make it. Her mom Casey found pregnant on the streets of San Bernardino California. The mother and her unborn pups would have been euthanized. Until -- DiCaprio stepped in he runs the grace foundation which takes -- unwanted animals she was alternate counts rose who's under an -- yeah yeah. She was born the runt of the litter barely alive -- had to give her mouth to mouth resuscitation. Two and a half weeks later -- up to a whopping four ounces still smaller than an iPhone -- to think. Best name this survivor Beyonce after that Saddam. So far Beyonce is perfectly healthy. In a couple of weeks when she -- the coffee -- She will be ready for adoption. Mean a lot of people would like her because she's gonna fit nicely -- -- -- I think that they're expecting thousands of applications. But what they're really hoping is that Beyonce inspires Americans to go out and adopt some of the thousands of healthy dogs -- euthanized every month in America. One unlikely survivor helping other job. Do the same. Dan Harris ABC news New -- -- tells us the Guinness book of world records taking measurements she could make the book.

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{"id":15995657,"title":"The Spoon Sized Puppy","duration":"1:48","description":"A look at the puppy the Guinness book of world records may be interested in.","url":"/WNT/video/puppy-dogs-guiness-records-pets-small-dogs-animals-15995657","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}