Reno Wildfire: 10,000 Residents Evacuated

Powerful winds spread fires across Nevada region.
1:53 | 11/18/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Reno Wildfire: 10,000 Residents Evacuated
This hour a massive wildfires tearing through parts of Reno Nevada more than 101000 people have already been evacuated winds whipping up to sixty miles per hour. ABC Cecilia Vega is on the scene there tonight -- David this fire continues to burn unabated at this hour so far. 2000. Acres scorched and 5000 real homes at risk. More than 450. Firefighters are battling the blaze from the ground on multiple fronts. Those firefighting planes unable to take off high winds grounding them. Solve our homes have burned out the fire started overnight in -- neighborhood to the south west of Reno. Fiery curtain of flame is lit up the rocky hillside over powering the neon lights of Reno's casino hotel. And so far more than twenty homes have been destroyed. There -- very unsettling this morning at about 2 -- -- smelled smoke. Police went house to house forcing residents to flee a 74 year old man -- -- -- cardiac arrest and tonight. Sixteen people were injured as they rushed to escape the flames. North toward believe your whom -- explosion right before the student but if they don't we might not -- -- to get back and silly rumor helpful. The city schools were closed it turned into shelters. That -- governor has declared a state of emergency we're going to do everything we can't protect homes and lives people discount. And tonight sixty mile per hour gusts are allowing the fire to quickly jump starting new fronts it hit me is -- houses. He hit might come down there those places and that house. Nikita night according to Reno firefighters is beating back these winds and they can try and tackle these flames. If that happens then they say they will reduce the evacuation size and hopefully. Have residents back in their homes within the next 24 hours.

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{"id":14986689,"title":"Reno Wildfire: 10,000 Residents Evacuated","duration":"1:53","description":"Powerful winds spread fires across Nevada region.","url":"/WNT/video/reno-wildfire-10000-residents-evacuated-14986689","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}